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RBS Exam 13 Questions with verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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RBS Exam 13 Questions with verified Answers What are the 3 components of corporate character? - CORRECT ANSWER Corporate character, Principal objective, management systems The steps of the sal... es process/cycle are? - CORRECT ANSWER Pre Call Plan, Build Rapport, Tour, Presentation, Close Detail out the steps to Pre Call Plan - CORRECT ANSWER Dynamics info, pre-call plan form, samples/relevant literature Lay out the steps of building rapport - CORRECT ANSWER 1. Set the agenda 2. Uncover business objectives/buying motives 3. Ask program spec questions 4. Validate decision maker 5. Positive/Negative Bias 6. Cintro Detail out the steps of Tour - CORRECT ANSWER 1. Focus 2. Evidence 3. Agreement 4. PONC 5. Requirement Detail out steps to Presentation - CORRECT ANSWER Review requirement, present Cintas uniqueness, SAFE Detail out the steps to close - CORRECT ANSWER Ask for the business, handle objections, ask for referrals List the components of the Sustained success model - CORRECT ANSWER New presentations x closing ratio x average account size List the inputs for new presentations - CORRECT ANSWER Get referrals, SSR leads contest, phone block List the inputs for closing ratio - CORRECT ANSWER Training meetings, 1-1 debriefs, field rides List the inputs for average account size - CORRECT ANSWER Targets, account size, sell bundled packages/programs Write out your phone script - CORRECT ANSWER Hello, this is Luke, your Account Executive with Cintas. I work closely with Joe Harden your service sales rep on your first aid and safety programs. The reason I'm calling today is to set a time to come in and review your current loyalty programs. I'll be in your area Tuesday at 10 or 2, which time works best for you? What is the Cintas Principal Objective? - CORRECT ANSWER We will exceed our customers expectations to maximize the long-term value of Cintas for it's shareholders and working partners [Show More]

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