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NUR 2212 Test Bank Version 2 (Updated) 1.) The nurse is teaching a client about the anti-ulcer medication Ranitidine. Which statement best describes the action of the drug? –Blocks the effects o... f histamine causing decreased secretion of acid 2.) A client who is 36 weeks gestation is admitted with severe preeclampsia. After a ??? was administered a IV infusion of magnesium sulfate at a rate of 2g/hr. What finding warrants immediate intervention by the nurse? - Urine output of 20 ml/hr 3.) What I the nurse’s priority goal when providing for a 2 year old child experiencing a seizure? - Manage the airway 4.) Which intervention should the nurse include in the plan of care for a client with leukocytosis? - Monitor temperature regularly 5.) The nurse is preparing to discharge an older female client who is at risk for hypercalcemia. What should the nurse include in the client’s discharge teaching? Select all that apply A. Report any muscle twitching or seizures B. Take vitamin D with calcium daily C. Avoid seafood, particularly shellfish D. Low-fat yogurt is a good source of calcium E. Keep a diet record to monitor calcium intake 6.) The husband of a client with advanced ovarian cancer wants his wife to have every treatment available. When the husband leaves, the client tells the nurse that she has had enough chemotherapy and wants to stop all chemotherapy but knows her husband will sign the consent from for more treatment. The nurse’s response would include which information? Select all that apply A. The husband cannot sign the consent for the client, her signature is required B. The client’s specific wishes should be discussed with her healthcare provider C. Counseling should be sought to resolve the husband’s desire to control his wife D. The healthcare team will formulate a plan to keep the client comfortable E. The client should seek a second medical opinion before deciding to stop treatment [Show More]

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