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Homeostasis: A Framework for Human Physiology

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Homeostasis: A Framework for Human Physiology Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of these is NOT one of the four general categories of cells that make up the human body? A. epithelial ... cells B. collagen cells C. connective tissue cell D. neuron E. muscle cell Bloom's: Level: 1. Remember HAPS Objective: A06.01 Describe, in order from simplest to most complex, the major levels of organization in the human organism. HAPS Topic: Module A06 Levels of organization. Learning Outcome: 01.02 Section: 01.02 Topic: Levels of organization 2. Physiology is the study of A. How two organisms interact B. How organisms function C. The spread of diseases D. The structure of the body Bloom's: Level: 1. Remember HAPS Objective: A05.01 Define the terms anatomy and physiology. HAPS Topic: Module B01 Definition. Learning Outcome: 01.01 Section: 01.01 Topic: Scope of anatomy and physiology [Show More]

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