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ATI Quizlet Comp questions with correct answers

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ATI Quizlet Comp 1. Xerostomia, what is it & how do you treat it?: 2. Labs to check for pernicious anemia- 3. Sign of mild anxiety - 4. What is remote memory loss? 5. Heart failure di... etary teaching? 6. Diverticulitis dietary teaching- 7. Diverticulosis dietary teaching- 8. IBS dietary teaching- 9. Parents nervous about how their 3-year-old will act when newborn arrives. What can they do? 10. Methylprednisolone sodium succinate lab to watch for? 11. At 14 weeks' gestation, what should the patient report to the MD- 12. Change of shift report should include- 13.Patient teaching for colostomy care- 14. Scoliosis manifestation- 15. Lab values that are elevated for Cushing's disease? 16. Administering medications through an NG tube 17. Tobramycin adverse reaction- 18. Amniocentesis patient teaching- 19. Expected finding during cardiac catheterization? 20. What action should you instruct the patient to do prior to postural drainage? 21. IV phlebitis has occurred, what should the nurse do? 22. When a patient is receiving mannitol, what should the nurse monitor for? 24. How do you draw blood out of a PICC line? 25. IV is infiltrated, what should the nurse do? 26. A patient may have a latex allergy if they have a sensitivity to what food? 27. Parent teaching for a child with positional plagiocephaly? 28. During pregnancy, women should eat more of what to prevent neural defects? 29. A caregiver states they are becoming tired when caring for their parent with Alzheimer's disease, what can the nurse suggest? 30. Cleft palate teaching for feeding? 31. A wound that would heal by primary intention? 32. Sign of glaucoma is loss of? 33. Radiation implant precautions? 34. Discharge teaching for a patient who is going home with HIV/AIDS? 35. Adolescent nutrition- 36. Priority nursing care for a patient who has been sexually assaulted? 37. Identifying a need for hearing evaluation? 38. How should you confirm the placement of an NG tube 39. Methylphenidate patient teaching? 40. Simvastatin reaction that you report to the MD? 41. Diabetic foot care patient teaching? 42. Where should you insert a peripheral catheter 43. Losartan adverse effect- 44. Patient teaching for dabigatran- 45. Pacemaker teaching? 46. EKG that has no P wave, has a wavy baseline and increased HR? 47. Newborn genetic screening? 48. What medication is given for an ectopic pregnancy? 49. Betamethasone is used for what? 50. Betamethasone causes _____ in the mom & ______ in the neonate 51. Cleansing a radiation area? Clean with mild soap or water 52 …………………………CONTINUED…………………………….. [Show More]

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