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NR 503 Midterm Exam WITH CORRECT ANSWERS 2023-2024

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Which of the following statements best describe efficacy? Question 2 A study is conducted for a pharmaceutical agent that has shown promise for reducing heart disease among women. In order to mo... re fully test the agent, an additional study is done restricting the participants to be r&omized to those who have a history of hypertension. Which of the following advantages cannot be claimed by the researchers? Question 3 What is the main advantage of the r&omization of the 168 study participants to one of the two drug treatment groups? Question 4 After entry into the study, patients were first classified into three groups, those who had a previous AMI, those with a first AMI who were at high risk for other cardiovascular diseases such as congestive heart failure, & those with a first AMI who were at low risk for other cardiovascular diseases. Which term best describes the study design? Question 5 After assignment to treatment group, 77% of those in the placebo group were men, while 80% of those in the drug X group were men. Which statement is most likely to be true? [Show More]

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