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West Coast EMT Block 2 Study Guide Graded A

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electrical conduction of the heart ✔✔The flow of electrical current causes smooth, coordinated heart contractions; they produce pumping action of the heart Depolarization ✔✔electrical char... ges on the surface of the muscle cell change from positive to negative Repolarization ✔✔the heart returns to its resting state, and the positive charge is restored to the surface Where do the electrical impulses begin? ✔✔Electrical impulses begin high in the atria in the sinoatrial node, travel to the atrioventricular node and bundle of His, and then move through the Purkinje fibers to the ventricles Three types of muscle ✔✔skeletal, cardiac, smooth Skeletal muscle ✔✔Voluntary muscle/Striated muscle (characteristic stripes): Movement of the body like waving or walking/ Skeletal muscle is attached to the bones of the skeleton [Show More]

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