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Chapter 1 Globalization, Tourism, and the Lodging Sector NAME ___________________________________________________ DATE _____________________________________ 1. While several forces at work together... have dissolved national borders, the most influential of these forces is: a. international travel. b. foreign exchange and other financial activities. c. hospitality and other industrial activities. d. the increasing flow of communication. 2. Which of the following statements about transnational enterprises is false? a. It owns and controls income-generating assets in more than one country. b. Its operations transcend national boundaries. c. It must have direct investments in its host country. d. It has all major forms of contractual arrangements in its host country. 3. Which of the following is not a category of travel demand determinants? a. primary economic factors b. leisure and the quality of life c. demographic changes d. population growth 4. The tourism industry includes: a. lodging operations and transportation services. b. eating and drinking places. c. sightseeing, amusement, and recreation services. d. all of the above 5. In which countries would domestic travel be expected to exceed international travel? a. small countries with ease of outbound day trips b. developed countries with large populations that have access to diverse attractions within their own borders c. small countries with few attractions within their own borders d. large countries with few attractions within their own borders 6. Which of the following groups represents the largest number of properties worldwide? a. independently owned and operated properties b. chain-owned and -operated properties c. independently owned, chain-operated properties d. franchised properties 7. The world’s major regional destination since the 1950s has been: a. North America. b. the Asia-Pacific region. c. Europe. d. the Caribbean. 8. Guests in Spain may choose the world-renowned __________, hotels converted from castles or monasteries. a. posadas b. parado [Show More]

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