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PN Hesi Exit V1 2023 Questions with correct answers

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PN Hesi Exit V1 2023 Questions with correct answers 1) The LPN/LVN is planning care for the a client who has fourth degree midline laceration that occurred during vaginal delivery of an 8 pound 1... 0 ounce infant. What intervention has the highest priority? A. Administer Prescribed stool softener B. Administer prescribed PRN sleep medications. C. Encourage breastfeeding to promote uterine involution D. Encourage use of prescribed analgesic perineal sprays. 2) The LPN/LVN is palpating the right upper hypochondriac region of the abdomen of a client. What organ lies underneath this area. A. Duodenum B. Gastric Pylorus C. Liver D. Spleen 3) A client comes to the antepartal clinic and tells the LPN/LVN that she is 6 weeks pregnant. Which sign is she most likely to report? A. Decreased sexual libido B. Amenorrhea C. Quickening D. Nocturia 4) A client's daughter phones the charge nurse to report that the night LPN/ LVN did not provide good care for her mother. What response should the nurse make? A. Ask for a description of what happened during the night B. Tell the daughter to talk to the unit's nurse manager C. Reassure the daughter that the mother will get better care. D. Explain that all the staff are doing the best they can. [Show More]

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