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HESI PN EXIT EXAM TEST BANK 2020/2021 V1|Latest Version, Graded A+

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HESI EXIT EXAM PN 2019 TEST BANK 1. A male client admitted the morning of his scheduled surgery tells the PN that he drank water last night. What intervention will the PN implement first? 2. A clie nt... receives ondansetron prior to chemotherapy treatment. How should the PN evaluate this medication? 3. The PN is caring for an older adult client who is confused and spends...factor contributes to an increased risk for impaired skin integrity for this client? 4. The PN determines that a client with cirrhosis is experiencing peripheral....take? 5. A client is admitted to the postoperative surgical unit after a left lobectomy with two chest tubes......observes the water-sealed chambers, set and prescribed suction of 20cm water...what action should the PN implement? 6. Photo of chest and locating apical HR 7. At the end of a 12-hour shift the PN observes the urine in a clients drainage. What action should the PN take next? 8. Thirty minutes after receiving IV morphine, a postoperative male client continue to rate his pain...what action should the PN implement first? 9. A male client has been diagnosed with schizophrenia is withdrawn, isolates himself in....with one or two word responses. The morning the PN observes that he. Which intervention is most important for the PN to implement? 10. The PN is assisting a female client to obtain a voided specimen for uri...meatus. Which intervention is performed next? 11. An 8-year old is placed in 90-90 traction for a fractured femur that resulted from...further action by the PN? 12. The PN is reviewing diet instructions with a female client who has hyper...she has increased her intakes of protein and calories. What action should the PN take? 13. The PN reviews the procedure for measuring fluid intake and output ...glomerulonephritis and is preparing for discharge from the hospital. Continued... [Show More]

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