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1) A nurse is providing teaching to an adolescent who has peptic ulcer disease. Which of the following statements by the client indicates an understanding of the teaching? A. “I will take sucralf... ate with meals three times per day” B. “I will avoid food and beverages that contain caffeine” C. “I will decrease my daily protein intake to 15 grams per day” D. “I will use ibuprofen as needed to control abdominal pain” 2) A nurse is preforming a gastric lavage for a client who has upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Which of the following action should the nurse take? A. Instill 500 ml of solution through the NG tube. B. Insert a large-bore NG tube. C. Use a cold irrigation solution. D. Instruct the client to lie on his right side. 3) A nurse is teaching participants at a community center about advanced directive. Which of the following information should the nurse include in the teaching? A. A client must create a do-not-resuscitate order when completing advance directives. B. Advance directives cannot be changed once implemented. C. Assigning a health care surrogate requires legal consultation D. A health care surrogate makes health care decisions when the client is no longer able 4) A nurse is providing teaching about home safety to the adult client of an older adult male who is postoperative following a knee replacement surgery. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include? A. Ensure the area rugs have rubber backs B. Mark the edges of the doorway to the house with tape C. Encourage the client to avoid wearing shoes at home D. Place a throw rug over electrical cords 5) A nurse in a community clinic is caring for a client who requests assistance with smoking cessation. The nurse should expect a prescription for which of the following medications? A. Bupropion B. Naltrexone C. Clonidine D. Chlordiazepoxide [Show More]

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