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NR 661 Week 4 APEA Module: Women’s Health – APEA Practice Exam 3

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Question: What differentiates pelvic pain from abdominal pain? Question: Primary amenorrhea may … diagnosed by age 15 years. What should … present for this diagnosis? Select all that apply. Que... stion: Primary Amenorrhea Question: DYSMENORRHEA Question: Primary Dysmenorrhea Question: Secondary Dysmenorrhea Question: Once Primary Dysmenorrhea is established… Question: Pharm Management Question: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Question: Differential Diagnosis Question: Diagnostic Studies Question: Management for PCOS Question: If pregnancy not desired Question: If pregnancy desired Question: Possible complications with PCOS Question: A 4 year-old female is brought in to the clinic by her mother who reports that she is constantly scratching “her private part”. The patient states that it itches. On exam, the vagina is red and irritated. How should the NP proceed? Question: Which form of birth control presents the highest risk to a female patient if she is exposed to a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? Question: What choice below has no precautions for oral contraceptive pill use? Question: Three of the following interventions are appropriately used to prevent osteoporosis after menopause. Which one is not? Question: A 50 year-old female believes that she is “menopausal”. She complains of “hot flashes” and has not had menses in 12 months. Which of the following test results may … helpful for confirmation of menopause? Question: An initial pharmacologic approach to a patient who is … with primary dysmenorrhea could … : Question: Clue cells are … in patients with: incontinence is likely to … : Question: A woman who is 65 years old presents to your clinic with a breast lump. She has had only normal annual mammograms and her last one was 6 months ago. What is true about this lump? Question: What recommendation should … made to a 70 year-old female regarding mammograms? Question: A nurse practitioner identifies filamentous structures and many uniform, oval shaped structures during a microscopic exam of vaginal discharge. These are probably: Question: A 51 year-old female patient presents with a 2 cm palpable breast mass. How should this … evaluated to determine whether it is solid or cystic in nature? Question: Athletic amenorrhea increases the risk of: Question: A patient who is scheduled for pelvic exam with PAP smear should … advised to avoid douching, sexual intercourse, and tampon use before her exam. For how long should she … advised to avoid these activities for optimal evaluation? Question: A 54 year-old female presents with a small to moderate amount of vaginal bleeding of recent onset. She has been postmenopausal for approximately 2 years. What diagnosis is least likely? Question: The clinical syndrome resulting from replacement of normal vaginal flora with anaerobic bacteria is: Question: A patient asks the NP’s advice about an herb to help with her hot flashes. The NP knows these: Question: After a vaginal exam, a patient received a prescription for metronidazole. What was her likely diagnosis? Question: The frequency for cervical screening depends on the patient and her age. What is the longest … time interval between cervical screens for patients who are 65 years-old or younger? Question: A 16 year-old female is … with primary dysmenorrhea. She has taken over the counter ibuprofen in 800 mg increments every 8 hours during menses for the past 3 months with minimal relief of symptoms. What intervention will provide greatest relief of dysmenorrhea symptoms? Question: A patient who is 35 years old has … a small, discrete mass in one breast. How should this … evaluated? Question: A young female has breast buds bilaterally. This represents Tanner Stage: Question: A female should … told to take her OCP at bedtime if she experiences: Question: The frequency for cervical screening depends on the patient and her age. What is the longest … time interval between cervical screens for patients who are 21-65 years of age? Question: 15 year-old female has never menstruated. She and her mother are … What is most important for the NP to assess? Question: A young female adult presents with vaginal discharge and itching. Besides trichomoniasis and yeast, what else should … included in the differential? Question: A 20 year old female reports that her grandmother and mother have osteopenia. What should she … encouraged to do to reduce her risk of osteopenia? Question: A female patient is 35 years old. She has never had an abnormal PAP smear and has had regular screening since age 18. If she has a normal PAP smear with HPV testing today, when should she have the next cervical cancer screening? Question: A 28 year-old female presents with a slightly tender 1.5 cm lump in her right breast. She noticed it two days ago. She has no associated lymphadenopathy and there is no nipple discharge. How should she … managed? Question: The primary risk factor for development of breast cancer in women of average risk is: Question: Women who use diaphragms for contraception have an increased incidence of: Question: 24 year-old female patient who is sexually active complains of vaginal itching. If she has bacterial vaginosis, she might complain of: Question: A 70 year-old female has been in a mutually monogamous relationship for the past 33 years. She has never had an abnormal Pap smear, what recommendation should … made regarding Pap smears for her? Question: In collection of a specimen for a PAP smear, how is the endocervical specimen collected? Question: A female patient who takes oral contraceptives has just completed her morning exercise routine. She complains of pain in her right calf. Her blood pressure and heart rate are normal. She is not short of breath. Her calf is red and warm to touch. What is NOT part of the differential … ? Question: An adolescent female has had normal menses for almost 2 years. She has not had menses in 3 months. She is diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). What else is a common finding? [Show More]

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