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Limited Scope of Radiography Practice Exam - Questions with Verified Answers What statements are correct regarding the link between radiation and genetic effects? The link has been demonstrated in a... nimal studies Increased risk to humans cannot be predicted with respect to an individual. The changes in kilovoltage (kVp) will result in the greatest reduction of patient dose, when milliampere-seconds (mAs) is adjusted to compensate for the change Increase kVp by 30% The following image receptor (IR) system speeds will result in the lowest patient dose Faster speed IR system The primary purpose of using gonad shields reduce the likelihood of genetic effects Are gonad shields Contact and shadow Gonad shielding should be used when the gonads are within 5 cm of the radiation field The greatest cause of unnecessary radiation to patients that can be controlled by the limited operator is repeat exposures The limited operator can reduce repeat exposure clearly instructing patients How does the x-ray beam restriction minimize patient exposure? it limits the radiation field to the area of interest What is the device that allows the limited operator to vary the size of the radiation field? Collimator How does filtration reduce patient exposure? removes longer-wavelength photons The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) recommendation for the amount of total filtration 2.5 mm Al equiv Three principal methods used to protect limited operators from unnecessary radiation exposure time, distance, and shielding The following is not a type of personal radiation shielding Shadow Personnel shielding must be worn on the rare occasion during which the limited operator may need to remain in the radiographic room during an exposure to assist the patient in maintaining the proper position. What is the source of the greatest radiation hazard under this circumstance? scattered radiation from the patient The term for radiation the escapes from the x-ray tube housing leakage radiation Why are limited operators prohibited from activities that result in direct exposure to the primary x-ray beam? they are considered occupationally exposed individuals Distance, as a method used to limit operator exposure, means that the operator should maximize the distance from the source during an exposure Shielding worn for personnel protection is designed to attenuate what source of exposure scatter radiation The acronym for a common type of personnel dosimeter TLD What is the recommended placement for personnel dosimeter on the body of the limited operator? the badge should be worn in the region of the collar on the anterior surface of the body and outside the lead apron, if worn The NCRP recommended annual effective dose limit for occupational exposure 5.0 rem (0.05 Sv) The NCRP recommended monthly effective (or equivalent) dose limit to the fetus for a pregnant worker 0.05 rem (0.0005 Sv) Radiation monitoring of personnel is required when what percentage of the annual occupational effective dose limit is likely to be received 10% The conventional (British system) radiation unit to express radiation intensity in the air Roentgen The conventional (British system) unit commonly used to report occupational dose to radiation workers in the United States is the Rem What is the conventional (British system) radiation unit of absorbed dose? Rad According to the Bergonie-Tribondeau law, the following types of cells are most radiosensitive embryonic tissue cells Type of x-ray photon interaction with the body is primarily responsible for the radiation dose absorbed by the patient Photoelectric The NCRP (report #102) recommendation for lead equivalency of aprons used for personnel protection 0.5 mm Erythema as it relates to radiation exposure reddening of the skin caused by a high radiation dose The guiding philosophy of radiation protection ALARA--as low as reasonably achievable The following statements reflects current scientific opinion regarding the effects of diagnostic levels of ionizing radiation There is an increased risk of cancer, leukemia, birth defects, and cataracts The following changes will decrease patient dose using a faster-speed class imaging system increasing the grid ratio to a 16:1 ratio When radiation exposure occurs during pregnancy, the greatest risk of birth defects occurs when the exposure exceeds 5 rad to the uterus occurs within the first trimester of pregnancy At what kVp levels do Compton interactions occur they occur throughout the diagnostic radiology kVp range The principal source of scatter radiation in radiography The IR The four essentials elements required for x-ray production A target, a vacuum, an electron source, and a high potential difference The greatest portion of the x-ray beam is made up of Bremsstrahlung radiation The penetrating power of the x-ray beam is controlled by varying the kilovoltage (kVp) The following functions involve the autotransformer kVp selection What is the IR that is used for computed radiography? Photostimulable phosphor (PSP) plate Nearly all new x-ray machines manufactured today use _________________ generators High-frequency The target of the x-ray tube is made of Tungsten The standard control limit for the field light to radiation field alignment test +-2% of SID The standard control limit for the beam (central ray) alignment tests within 1 degree of perpendicular How often should lead aprons and gloves be checked for cracks or holes? every 6 months How can detector fog be prevented when using computed radiography cassettes? protect the cassette before and after exposure The following will result in increased radiographic density increased mA increased exposure time increased kVp If the radiographic image is overexposed, which of the following changes in exposure factors should be used to correct the problem decrease the mAs The relationship between SID and beam intensity is expressed in the inverse square law What are the four primary factors of radiographic quality (photographic and geometric properties) Density, contrast, distortion, and recorded detail Contrast is primarily controlled by altering the kVp Scatter radiation fog affects radiographic quality by causing decreased contrast A change from the small focal spot to the large focal spot will result in decreased image sharpness (detail) An increase in object-image receptor distance (OID) will result in increased magnification Motion of the patient, the tube, or the IR during the exposure will result in decreased recorded detail What does quantum mottle (noise) look like on a radiographic image? finely speckled or grainy areas Quantum mottle with a digital imaging system is caused by the mAs being set too low The following will increase recorded detail increase in SID decrease in focal spot size What is the appearance of a high signal to noise ratio image? highly detailed, with very little quantum mottle What is the proper method for storing unopened boxes of x-ray film? standing on edge Which of the following describe the action of the developer in an automatic film processor changes the exposed silver halide crystals into black, metallic silver During digital image processing electronic collimation (masking) should not be used to replace proper radiographic collimation The following is not a component of a computed radiography plate reader developing solution What condition are most important for optimum viewing of a radiographic images low room light level [Show More]

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