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Pennsylvania State University, World Campus - LER 458YLER401 - Semester Quiz 2. Reviewed and Verified Answers

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Question 1 10 / 10 pts What was married women’s first duty, even though numerous married women entered paid employment in antebellum America? To birth children and to raise them to be good citiz... ens To satisfy and revive their husbands so that they would return to work rejuvenated To make money in order to care for elderly parents or to supplement the family income To make money to maintain their marriage dowry Question 2 0 / 10 pts Which historian is best known for arguing that slavery in the United States was pre-capitalistic? Blassingame You AnsweredEngerman Correct Answer Genovese Elkins Question 3 10 / 10 pts Which reason or set of reasons advocates of the notion of true womanhood used to convince married white women to stay home? a)Since women received low wages, their income was not necessary for family maintenance b)Since women were primary childcare providers, the nation needed them to stay home and socialize children as the next generation of good citizensc)If women did not stay home and care for their families, then their men who had toc) work twelve or fourteen hours a day, five or six days a week would have to work around the house instead of reviving themselves for another day of toil d)None of the above a and b a and c b and c a, b, and c Question 4 10 / 10 pts Which feature did the Industrial Revolution of antebellum America share with late colonial preindustrial America? The vast majority of European American working people experienced layoffs The vast majority of European American working people faced regimented laborThe vast majority of European American working people thought that becoming prosperous was a realistic outlook The vast majority of European Americans knew that hard toil was a common lot in most people’s daily lives Question 5 10 / 10 pts Which American civic value did judges invoke in the 1830s when they ruled that trade societies conspired to prevent individuals from freely selling their labor on the market? Economic liberty Rights of citizenship Life in a democratic republic Equality before God Question 6 10 / 10 ptsReconstruction, which unfettered industrial capitalism, occurred where in the United States? North South West All of the selections Question 7 10 / 10 pts Which of the following was not a widespread activity among newly emancipated African Americans? Learning how to read and write Rejecting Christianity, as the religion of their former slaveholders Participating in local political activities Seeking to become landownersQuestion 8 10 / 10 pts Sharecropping was a political and economic compromise mainly between which groups of southerners during Reconstruction? Ex-slaves and ex-slaveholders Ex-slaves and yeomen Ex-slaveholders and yeomen Ex-slaves, ex-slaveholders, and yeomen Question 9 10 / 10 pts Which of the following was not a chief aim of the Freedmen’s Bureau? To protect former slaves from abusive treatment by local white authorities To oversee the development of a fair and viable system of labor relations between former slaves and former slaveholdersTo encourage former slaves to work without compensation, as least until they had proved their usefulness to potential employers To provide needed educational and medical resources to freedpeople Question 10 0 / 10 pts Which of the following was not a significant part of the wartime experience of northern workers? Increases in the cost of living Correct Answer Growth in labor unionism Mechanization of industrial production You Answered The banishment of immigrants from the workplace [Show More]

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