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ATI Pediatrics - Study Guide nursing actions for lumbar puncture - empty bladder side-lying position monitor for bleeding, hematoma, infection pt education for lumbar puncture - remain i... n bed in flat position 4-8 hours to prevent leakage and a resulting spinal headache precautions for meningitis droplet, for a minimum of 24 hours after initiation of abx therapy -decreased LOC, NPO -seizure precautions -monitor ICP Reyes syndrome is caused by - salicylates or recent viral illness (gastroenteritis, varicella or flu) head circumference for full term newborn - 33-35 crown to rump - 31-35cm (approx equal to head circ) length (head to heel) - 48-53 cm (19-21in) Weight - 2700-4000 g (6-9 lb) which fontanel closes first - posterior (6-8 weeks) when does anterior fontanel close? - 12-18 mo [Show More]

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