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PSY3010 ASSESSMENT OF BEHAVIOUR Week 4 Reliability Textbook Chapter 5. quewstions and correct answers. 2021

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1. Replication of research by independent parties provides for A. confidence in study findings. B. confirmation that the study findings were not an anomaly. C. confidence that the study findings we... re not the result of the original experimenter's biases. D. All of these 2. In the test-retest method to estimate reliability A. the time frame between interviews must be relatively short. B. separate interviews are conducted by certified raters. C. a minimum of two re-tests are required. D. All of these 3. In classical test theory, an observed score on an ability test is presumed to represent the testtaker's A. true score. B. true score less the variance. C. true score combined with extraneous factors. D. true score and error. 4. Which is TRUE of measurement error? A. Like error in general, measurement error may be random or systematic. B. Unlike error in general, measurement error may be random or systematic. C. Measurement error is always random. D. Measurement error is always systematic. PSY3010 ASSESSMENT OF BEHAVIOUR 5. This variety of error has also been referred to as "noise." It is A. systematic error. B. random error. C. measurement error. D. background error. 6. A research study entails behavioral observation and rating of front desk clerks in the hospitality industry to determine whether or not they greet guests with a smile. Which type of error is this test most susceptible to? A. test administration error B. test construction error C. examiner-related error D. polling error 7. Error in the reporting of spousal abuse may result from A. one partner simply forgets all of the details of the abuse. B. one partner misunderstands the instructions for reporting. C. one partner is ashamed to report the abuse. D. All of these 8. The term test heterogeneity BEST refers to the extent to which test items measure A. different factors. B. the same factor. C. a unifactorial trait. D. a nonhomogeneous trait. 9. The more homogeneous a test is, the A. less inter-item consistency it can be expected to have. B. more utility the test has for measuring multifaceted variables. C. more inter-item consistency it can be expected to have. D. None of these [Show More]

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PSY3010 ASSESSMENT OF BEHAVIOR. questions with correct answer 2021

psychology assessment week 3, 4, 5, 9 and 11. correct answers on the exams.

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