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HSM 310 Week 8 Final Exam. Complete Solution. Latest.

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HSM 310 Week 8 Final Exam. Complete Solution. Latest.1. A utilitarian approach to solving ethical dilemmas might be used when allocating a limited supply of donor organs. trying to find a just dec... ision in which everyone will benefit. finding a decision based on a sense of duty toward another person. making sure that no one will "fall through the cracks" and not receive access to care. None of the above 2. A type of managed care that combines the concepts of an HMO and PPO is a(n) modified health maintenance organization. managed care association. health maintenance-provider organization. preferred provider association. exclusive provider organization. 3. The standard of proof generally used in a civil case is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. res ipsa loquitur. preponderance of evidence. probable cause. None of the above 4. When correcting a medical record, one should use a professional brand of error correction fluid to make the correction. erase the error and make the correction. draw a line through the error, write the correction above the error, and initial the change. never make any corrections on the medical record. None of the above 5. Ownership of the medical record usually remains with the the patient. the physician. the state. the lawyer. no one. [Show More]

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