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ATI Nutrition Proctored, Questions and Answers.

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ATI Nutrition Proctored, Questions and Answers. Latest 2020/2021. 1. A nurse is providing dietary teaching to a client who has a new diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Which of the followin... g foods or beverages should the nurse recommended to minimize heartburn? • Orange juice • Decaffeinated coffee • Peppermint • Potatoes 2. A nurse is preparing g to teach a group of clients about vitamins and minerals. The nurse should include in the teaching that which of the following minerals is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses? • Phosphorus • Calcium • Chloride • Zinc 3. A nurse is caring for a client who has a body mass index (BMI) of 30. Four weeks after nutritional counseling, which of the following evaluation findings indicates the plan of care was followed? • BMI of 25 • Weight gain of 1.8kg • BMI of 33 • Weight loss of 2.7kg 4. A nurse is caring for a client who follows the dietary laws of Orthodox Judaism. Which of the following meal choices should the nurse request for the client? • Turkey and cheese sandwich • Spaghetti with tomato sauce • Pork chop and applesauce • Scrambled eggs and bacon 5. A nurse is a long-term care facility is developing strategies to promote increased food intake for an older adult client. Which of the following interventions should the nurse implement? • Offer sugar substitutes to increase the client’s appetite. • Provide opportunities to eat three large meals per day. • Provide entertainment while the client is eating. • Offer finger foods at mealtime. 6. A nurse is caring for four clients. The nurse should plan to administer total parenteral nutrition for which of the following clients? • A client who is postoperative following a laminectomy and is receiving IV PCA • A client who has dysphagia and does not recognize his family • A client who has COPD and is going home with oxygen • A client who has colon cancer and will undergo a hemicolectomy 7. A nurse is performing a nutritional evaluation for a client who reports paresthesia of the hands and feet. The nurse should identify this manifestation as an indication of which of the following dietary deficiencies? • Iron • Riboflavin • Vitamin C • Vitamin B12 8. A nurse is caring for a client who reports she is having difficulty losing weight. Which of the following responses by the nurse is appropriate? • Eat small portions of the high-calorie foods first. • Set a goal and you will be able to attain it. • It is helpful to self-monitor your eating. • Taste food while cooking to help curb your appetite. 9. A nurse is providing discharge teaching about food choices to a client who has hypokalemia. Which of the following foods should the nurse identify as the best source of potassium? • 1 cup grapes • 1 cup shredded lettuce • 1 cup cooked tomatoes • 1 cup apple slices 10. A nurse is providing teaching to an obese client who has gestational diabetes and is at 25 weeks of gestation. Which of the following statements made by the client indicates a need for further teaching? • This does not mean that my baby will have this disease. • This means that I will have diabetes for the rest of my life. • If I feel dizzy, I should drink six ounces of a non-diet soda. • Being obese might be one reason why I developed diabetes. 11. A nurse is planning care for a client who has ascites secondary to liver disease. Which of the following interventions should the nurse include in the plan of care? • Reduce complex carbohydrates to 30% of total calories. • Restrict protein intake to less than 0.8 g/kg/day. • Decrease daily caloric intake by 20%. • Limit sodium to 2000 mg or less per day. 12. A nurse is planning eating strategies with a client who has nausea from equilibrium imbalance. Which of the following strategies should the nurse recommend? • Encourage the client to eat even if nauseated. • Provide low-fat carbohydrates with meals. • Limit fluid intake between meals. • Serve hot foods at mealtime. 13. A nurse is discussing denture care with the partner of a client who is unable to perform oral hygiene. Which of the following should be included in the discussion? • Floss dentures as part of daily cleaning. • Wipe dentures before storing them in a dry container at night. • Wrap gloved fingers with gauze to remove dentures. • Use a washcloth to clean the denture surfaces. [Show More]

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