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ATI TEAS PRACTICE TEST: SCIENCE The first four steps of the scientific method are as follows: I. Identify the problem II. Ask questions III. Develop a hypothesis IV. Collect data & experiment on ... that data *Which of the following is the next step in the scientific method? A) Observe the data B) Analyze the results C) Measure the data D) Develop a conclusion What are the two types of measurement important in science? A) Quantitative & Numerical B) Qualitative & Descriptive C) Numerical & Scientific D) Quantitative & Qualitative What is the name of the structure that prevents food from entering the airway? A) Trachea B) Esophagus C) Diaphragm D) Epiglottis D) Epiglottis Which substance makes up the pads that provide support between the vertebrae? A) Bone B) Cartilage C) Tendon D) Fat How many organ systems are in the human body? A) 12 B) 15 C) 9 D) 11 Which element within the respiratory system is responsible for removing foreign matter from the lungs? A) Bronchial tubes B) Cilia C) Trachea D) Alveoli Organized from high to low, the hierarchy of the human body's structure is as follows: Organism, Organ Systems, Organs, Tissues: Which of the following comes next? A) Molecules B) Atoms C) Cells D) Muscle What is the name of the process in the lungs by which oxygen is transported from the air to the blood? A) Osmosis B) Diffusion C) Dissipation D) Reverse Osmosis Which section of the digestive system is responsible for water reabsorption? A) The Large Intestine B) The duodenum C) The Small Intestine D) The Gallbladder Which of the following best describes the relationship between the circulatory system and the integumentary system? A) Removal of excess heat from body B) Hormonal influence on blood pressure C) Regulation of blood's pressure & volume D) Development of blood cells within marrow Once blood has been oxygenated, it travels through the pulmonary veins, through the left atrium, & then through the ________ before entering the left ventricle. A) Tricuspid Valve B) Mitral Valve C) Pulmonary Arteries D) Aorta The part of the human excretory system most responsible for maintaining normal body temperature is the: A) Kidney B) Bladder C) Liver D) Sweat Glands A part of which body system controls fluid loss, protects deep tissues, & synthesizes vitamin D? A) The Skeletal System B) The Muscular System C) The Lymphatic System D) The Integumentary System There are three insects that are being compared under a microscope. As a scientist, you decide that measuring them would be an important part of recording their data. Which unit of measurement would be best for this situation? A) Centimeters B) Meters C) Micrometers D) Kilometers What is the name for any substance that stimulates the production of antibodies? A) Collagen B) Hemoglobin C) Lymph D) Antigen "Lengthening the string of the pendulum increases the time it takes the ball to make one complete period. *What would be an appropriate control variable for this experiment? A) The Period B) The Length of the String C) The Mass of the Ball D) The Color of the Ball In which of the following muscle types are the filaments arranged in a disorderly manner? A) Cardiac B) Smooth C) Skeletal D) Rough Which hormone is produced by the pineal gland? A) Insulin B) Testosterone C) Melatonin D) Epinephrine Which of the following is not composed of skeletal muscle? A) Quadriceps B) Uterus C) Triceps D) Gastrocnemius Which of the following can be found in the dorsal cavity of the body? A) Heart B) Testes C) Stomach D) Spine Which of the following structures move downward during inspiration? A) Lungs B) Diaphragm C) Ribs D) Heart Which of the following describes the transport network that is responsible for the transference of proteins throughout a cell? A) Golgi Apparatus B) Endoplasmic Reticulum C) Mitochondria D) Nucleolus During the anaphase of mitosis, the ______, originally in pairs, separate from their daughters & move to the opposite ends "or poles" of the cell. A) Chromosomes B) Spindle Fibers C) Centrioles D) Nuclear Membranes All of the following belong together except: A) Ventricle B) Alveoli C) Atrium D) Septum A substance is considered acidic if it has a pH of less than which of the following? A) 12 B) 9 C) 7 D) 4 Which of the following choices best describes the location of the trachea in relation to the esophagus? A) Lateral B) Anterior C) Posterior D) Dorsal Which of the following best describes a section that divides the body into equal upper & lower portions? A) Coronal B) Transverse C) Oblique D) Median Which of the following do catalysts alter to control the rate of a chemical reaction? A) Substrate Energy B) Activation Energy C) Inhibitor Energy D) Promoter Energy How many layers of skin do humans have? A) One B) Two C) Three D) Four The Punnett square shown here indicates a cross between two parents, one with alleles BB & the other with alleles Bb. Select the correct entry for the upper right box in the Punnett square, which is indicated with the letter, X: A) Bb B) bB C) BB D) bb The first four steps of the scientific method are as follows: I. Identify the problem II. Ask questions III. Develop a hypothesis IV. Collect data & experiment on that data *Which of the following is the next step in the scientific method? A) Observe the data B) Analyze the results C) Measure the data D) Develop a conclusion The chart above shows the average snowfall in inches for a town on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, during the months November through April. Which of the following can be concluded based on the information that is provided in the chart? A) April is not a good month to go skiing in the Upper Peninsula. B) Snowfall blocks the sunshine & reduces the number of sunny days. C) The fewest sunny days occur in the months with the heaviest snowfall. D) There is no connection between the amount of snowfall & the number of sunny days. The two criteria for classifying epithelial tissue are cell layers & __________. A) Cell Composition B) Cell Absorption C) Cell Shape D) Cell Stratification Where is the parathyroid gland located? A) Neck B) Back C) Side D) Brain On average, how many neutrons does one atom of bromine "Br" have? A) 35 B) 44.90 C) 45 D) 79.90 On average, how many protons does one atom of zinc "Zn" have? A) 30 B) 35 C) 35.39 D) 65.39 Which gland is responsible for the regulation of calcium levels? A) The Parathyroid Glands B) The Thyroid Glands C) The Adrenal Glands D) The Pancreas During an experiment, you realize that your tomato plants on the north side of the house did better than those on the west side. The explanation is due to the north side gets more light because the sunlight is blocked by the house's shadow on the west side. What is the name of the factor in your observations that affected the tomato plants growth? A) The Control B) The Independent Variable C) The Dependent Variable D) The Conclusion Which of the following describes one responsibility of the Integumentary System? A) Distributing vital substances "such as nutrients" throughout the body B) Blocking pathogens that cause disease C) Sending leaked fluids from cardiovascular system back to the blood vessels D) Storing bodily hormones that influence gender traits When are the parasympathetic nerves active within the nervous system? A) When an individual experiences a strong emotion, such as fear or excitement B) When an individual feels pain or heat C) When an individual is either talking or walking D) When an individual is either resting or eating The respiratory system ______ oxygen & _______ carbon dioxide. A) Inhales; Exhales B) Delivers; Expels C) Creates; Absorbs D) Exhales; Inhales Which group of major parts & organs make up the immune system? A) Lymphatic System, Spleen, Tonsils, Thymus, & Bone Marrow B) Brain, Spinal Cord, & Nerve Cells C) Heart, Veins, Arteries, & Capillaries D) Nose, Trachea, Bronchial Tubes, Lungs, Alveolus, & Diaphragm "Lengthening the string of the pendulum increases the time it takes the ball to make one complete period. *What correction would you have the student make to the hypothesis? A) Turn it into an "if/then" statement. B) Add the word "will" in the middle after the word "pendulum". C) Switch the order of the sentence so that the phrase about the period comes first, & the phrase about the string's length is last. D) No corrections are needed. Which of the following CANNOT exist in RNA? A) Uracil B) Thymine C) Cytosine D) Guanine Which of the following best describes a section that divides the body into equal right & left parts? A) Midsagittal B) Coronal C) Oblique D) Frontal In the development of genetic traits, one gene must match to one _________ for the traits to develop correctly. A) Codon B) Protein C) Amino Acid D) Chromosome Which of the following best describes the careful ordering of molecules within solids that have a fixed shape? A) Physical Bonding B) Polar Molecules C) Metalloid Structure D) Crystalline Order Which of the following statements is correct about normal human lung anatomy? A) The right lung has three lobes; the left lung has two lobes B) The right lung has two lobes; the left lung has three lobes C) Both lungs have two lobes D) Both lungs have three lobes A(n) __________ is the physical & visible expression of a genetic trait. A) Phenotype B) Allele C) Gamete D) Genotype Which system's primary function is to release hormones? A) Cardiovascular B) Endocrine C) Integumentary D) Immune The heart is located in which of the following areas? A) Pelvic B) Abdominopelvic C) Abdominal D) Thoracic A triple beam balance would show the units of measurement in which form? A) Liters B) Grams C) Meters D) Gallons Which of the following best describes one of the roles of RNA? A) Manufacturing the proteins needed for DNA B) Creating the bonds between the elements that compose DNA C) Sending messages about the correct sequence of proteins in DNA D) Forming the identifiable "double helix" shape of DNA Using the table below, what conclusions can be made about the students' scores? A) The scores increased as the year progressed B) The girls did better than the boys on the test each quarter C) The test was about Math D) The scores were heavily impacted by the test reviews that were provided [Show More]

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