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Test Bank: For Contemporary Medical-Surgical Nursing 2nd Ed by Rick, Nicoll, Leslie. Chapter 1-66 Questions And Answers And Rationales 382 Pages

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HERE IS A LIST OF THE CHAPTERS Chapter 1--The Health Care System and Contemporary Nursing 7 Chapter 2--Clinical Decision Making and Evidence-Based Practice 13 Chapter 3--Health Education and Promotion... A 19 Chapter 4--Culturally Sensitive Care A client 25 Chapter 5--Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care 31 Chapter 6--Nursing of Adults across the Life Span 37 Chapter 7--Palliative Care The nurse believes 43 Chapter 8--Health Assessment A client is 49 Chapter 9--Genetics and the Determinants of Health 55 Chapter 10--Stress, Coping, and Adaptation 1 61 Chapter 11-- Inflammation and Infection Management . The 66 Chapter 12--Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Imbalances 72 Chapter 13--Infusion Therapy A client is 78 Chapter 14--Complementary and Alternative Therapies A 84 Chapter 15--Cancer Management The nurse realizes 90 Chapter 16--Pain Management A client tells 96 Chapter 17--Pharmacology: Nursing Management A 102 Chapter 18--Health Care Agencies A client 108 Chapter 19--Critical Care The nurse determines 114 Chapter 20--Preoperative Nursing Management The nurse 120 Chapter 21--Intraoperative Nursing Management A nurse 126 Chapter 22--Postoperative Nursing Management The nurse 132 Chapter 23--Assessment of Cardiovascular and Hematological Function 1 138 Chapter 24--Coronary Artery Dysfunction: Nursing Management 144 Chapter 25--Heart Failure and Inflammatory Dysfunction: Nursing Management 149 Chapter 26--Arrhythmias: Nursing Management A 155 Chapter 28--Hypertension: Nursing Management Which 161 Chapter 30--Assessment of Respiratory Function A 166 Chapter 32--Lower Airway Dysfunction: Nursing Management 172 Chapter 34--Assessment of Neurological Function A 178 Chapter 36--Dysfunction of the Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nervous System 184 Chapter 37--Degenerative Neurological Dysfunction: Nursing Management 1 190 Chapter 38--Assessment of Sensory Function A 195 Chapter 39--Visual Dysfunction: Nursing Management 201 Chapter 40--Auditory Dysfunction: Nursing Management 1. 206 Chapter 41--Assessment of Immunological Function The 211 Chapter 42--Immunodeficiency and HIV Infection/AIDS: Nursing Management 217 Chapter 43--Allergic Dysfunction: Nursing Management 223 Chapter 44--Assessment of Integumentary Function A 228 Chapter 27--Vascular Dysfunction: Nursing Management 1. 234 Chapter 29--Hematological Dysfunction: Nursing Management . 240 Chapter 31--Upper Airway Dysfunction: Nursing Management 246 Chapter 33--Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Nursing Management 252 Chapter 35--Dysfunction of the Brain: Nursing Management 258 Chapter 45--Dermatological Dysfunction: Nursing Management . 264 Chapter 46--Burns: Nursing Management The 270 Chapter 47--Assessment of Gastrointestinal Function A 275 Chapter 48--Nutrition, Malnutrition, and Obesity: Nursing Management 281 Chapter 49--Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Dysfunction: Nursing Management 287 Chapter 50--Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Dysfunction: Nursing Management 293 Chapter 51-- Hepatic, Biliary Tract, and Pancreatic Dysfunction: 299 Chapter 52--Assessment of Renal Function The 305 Chapter 53--Urinary Dysfunction: Nursing Management 311 Chapter 54--Renal Dysfunction: Nursing Management 317 Chapter 55--Assessment of Endocrine Function Blood 323 Chapter 56--Endocrine Dysfunction: Nursing Management 1. 329 Chapter 57--Diabetes Mellitus: Nursing Management 335 Chapter 58--Assessment of Musculoskeletal Function A 341 Chapter 59-- Musculoskeletal Dysfunction: Nursing Management ULTIPLE . 347 Chapter 60--Musculoskeletal Trauma: Nursing Management . 353 Chapter 61--Assessment of Reproductive Function A 358 Chapter 62--Female Reproductive Dysfunction: Nursing Management 1 363 Chapter 63--Breast Alterations: Nursing Management 368 Chapter 64--Male Reproduction Dysfunction: Nursing Management 373 Chapter 65--Multisystem Failure The nurse is 378 Chapter 66--Mass Casualty Care The nurse Show Less [Show More]

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