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Test Bank for Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing 6th Edition by Potter

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Test Bank for Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing 6th Edition by Potter 1. The nurse is using the population health promotion model to develop actions for improving health. After asking, ―On what sh... ould we take action?‖; ―How should we take action?‖; and ―Why sh ould we take action?‖ the nurse will ask which of the following questions? a. “With whom should we act?” b. ―When should we take action?‖ c. ―Which government should take action?‖ d. ―Where should we first act?What is the fastest growing component of the health care system? a. Primary care. b. Respite care. c. Home care. d. Palliative care.Which of the following was the main reason why health care facilities in the British colonies were increasingly needed during the eighteenth-century British regime? a. Scurvy. b. Bubonic plague. c. Increased birth rate. d. Infectious diseases. How does public health nursing differ from community health nursing? a. Public health nurses focus on individuals and families. b. Public health nurses understand the needs of a population. c. Public health nurses ignore political processes. d. Public health nurses consider the individual as one member of a groupHow is the idea of a theory best explained? a. ―Mental maps‖ that make sense of information and decisional processes. b. Mental formulations of objects or events. c. Aspects of reality that can be consciously sensed. d. A purposeful set of assumptions that identify relationships between conceptsThe extent to which the findings of a qualitative study are thought to be meaningful and applicable to similar cases or other situations is known as which of the following? a. Credibility. b. Transferability. c. Validity. d. Reliability. Show Less [Show More]

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