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Rasmussen College: NUR2868 Roles & Scope FINAL Questions and Answers. The most tested Questions and Answers.

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NUR2868 Roles & Scope FINAL QUESTIONS • Question 1 Identify the primary purpose for the development of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project. • • Quest... ion 2 The Robert Wood Johnson Philanthropy Foundation has recommended the following: (Select all that apply). Similar question as #2 The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) produced a report making recommendations for the future of nursing. What were the recommendations (select all that apply)? • • Question 3 Identify the health-care area in which the use of computers has improved the efficiency of care. • • Question 4 Identify what a new graduate nurse who is having unresolved role conflicts may experience. • • Question 5 Which element(s) is (are) a QSEN competency? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY. • • Question 6 What are rules of conduct that protect the community and society overall? • • Question 7 What may cause some people to make responses that seem inappropriate or overemotional? • • Question 8 Which is a Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) requirement for client education? • • Question 9 What is an important role that the nursing process fulfills in professional nursing? • • Question 10 Identify the most appropriate political activities for nurses at the state level. • • Question 11 Statistically, which factor is most likely to increase a client’s motivation to learn? • • Question 12 Identify the most important element in nursing’s attempt to gain full autonomy of practice. • • Question 13 After assessing an older adult client in long-term care who has been slowly deteriorating for weeks, the nurse manager calls the family and asks them to come in, as the client is dying. What are the nurse manager’s decision and actions based on? • • Question 14 Which step of the nursing process identifies the success or failure of the plan of care developed by a nurse? • • Question 15 What is a recommended method for nurses to prepare for future professional practice? • • Question 16 The nurse manager decides to involve those to be affected by change early in the change management process. What can positively result in? • • Question 17 The oxygen saturation for a client with acute infective bronchitis drops to 84%, and the client develops severe dyspnea. There is a standing order for a handheld nebulizer (HHN) treatment PRN for shortness of breath. The respiratory therapy department is designated to give all respiratory treatments in the facility. When the nurse calls the respiratory therapist, he states that he has several more treatments to give but he should be there in 10 or 15 minutes. Which action by the nurse is most appropriate at this time? • • Question 18 Which activity tends to increase nurses’ satisfaction during work? • • Question 19 What is the primary concern that some health-care providers have in the use of computers in client care? • • Question 20 Nurses must understand which principle of the Nurse-Family Partnership? • Question 21 Identify the primary position advocated by the 1965 ANA Position Paper on Education for Nurses. • • Question 22 As nurses achieve increased professional autonomy, what must they also accept? • • Question 23 Identify the underlying premise for evidence-based practice. • • Question 24 Identify the element that is the best indicator of increasing accountability in the profession of nursing. • • Question 25 A leader with a low relationship/low task orientation presents a leadership style that is most similar to which leadership approach? • • Question 26 You overhear a newly graduated nurse telling one of your colleagues that leadership and management belong to the unit manager and not to her. Your response demonstrates understanding that the perception of the new graduate? • • Question 27 Which statement by a nurse manager during a staff meeting best demonstrates use of an assertive style of communication? • • Question 28 The CEO asks the nurse manager of the telemetry unit to justify the disproportionately high number of registered nurses on the telemetry unit. The nurse manager explains that nursing research has validated which statement about a low nurse-to-client ratio? • • Question 29 Why do many new nurses ignore the signs of burnout? • • Question 30 What role does anger play in communication? • • Question 31 What statement is true regarding the relationship between nurses and legislators? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY. • • Question 32 During a staff meeting, an elderly physician is very negative about recent changes on the unit. He indicates that the nurses are not working hard enough. How can the unit manager most appropriately deal with this situation? • • Question 33 Why is the term healing preferred to medicine when referring to alternative and complementary methods of care? • • Question 34 As the head of a nursing program, you always invite the ideas of your team about innovations in teaching and curriculum design, and invite participation in decisions. Many of these ideas have been implemented, and your staff members are keen to try other new ideas. You are employing what type of leadership? • Question 35 Which personality characteristics would make a person more susceptible to burnout? • • Question 36 Identify the term defined as systems of valued behaviors and beliefs. • • Question 37 Which is not true of the Change of Shift SBAR report? • • Question 38 What is the first step in the process of critical thinking? • • Question 39 Provision number 7 of the 2001 Code of Ethics for Nurses states: “The nurse participates in the advancement of the profession through contributions to practice, education, administration, and knowledge development.” On which ethical principle is this statement primarily based? • • Question 40 A family is keeping vigil at a critically ill client's bedside. Other, distant family members, not yet able to come, call the unit continuously, asking for updates and wanting to express concern. You speak with the distant family members and suggest that you are going to refer them to the hospital social worker, whose role is to work with such situations. What role are you assuming through this action? • • Question 41 Which characteristic is required in a person who is able to resolve difficult crises? • • Question 42 After her first week working on a busy medical/surgical unit, a new charge nurse notes that the nurses, although highly competent, are unable to function productively as a team. What can she do to facilitate team-building on her unit? • • Question 43 Select an important principle that guides managers who use a democratic leadership style. • • Question 44 What is the primary reason a nurse should develop learning objectives for all client teaching? • • Question 45 What is a type of nursing education program that is conducted in junior and community colleges that is typically two years in length? • • Question 46 What is the most common emotion experienced by nurses who are developing burnout? • • Question 47 What makes a problem an ethical dilemma? • (moral uncertainty) • • Question 48 Which contribution of Florence Nightingale had the greatest impact on nursing education? • • Question 49 The manager of an intensive care unit wants to add nurse assistants or unlicensed persons to feed, bathe, and assist in some unit tasks. The nurses are very resistant to this idea. What is the best initial approach for the nurse manager to take to get buy-in of the nurses? • • Question 50 Provision number 1 of the 2001 Code of Ethics for Nurses states: “The nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of health-care problems.” On which ethical principle is this statement primarily based? • [Show More]

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