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COMP3851B Computer Science and Information Technology Work Integrated Learning TRIMESTER 2, 2020 – UoNS. The University of Newcastle - School of Electrical Engineering and Computing

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TECHNICAL REPORT SPECIFICATIONS AND MARKING GUIDE As indicated in the Course Outline and described in the week 1 lecture – those students enrolled in COMP3851B have to do an individual technical r... eport. Please note the use of the word “Individual” – whilst two students may decide to write on a similar topic this is not a reason for submitting a collaborative effort. Each paper should be the result of work done only by yourself, any evidence of group work will be treated as breaching the academic integrity guidelines and assessed on that basis. Topic of the Technical Report: - While undertaking COMP3851A you were tasked in writing a large Research paper that constituted a fairly large part of your assessment. This Technical report is similar in nature but with a clearly defined format and word length. However, the scope of the topics for the Technical report are open ended in that the only constraint is that the topic of the report must be in the context of the Information Technology, Computing and/or Software Engineering domain. The focus of this paper is to select a modern/contemporary Industry based IT/Computing/Software Engineering technology/practise/process and base your report around this. Key to success of this paper is selecting a subject matter that is of great interest to you, either as a potential career path or a personal knowledge discovery. Length and Style: - As the course outline indicated – the paper should be around 3,000 words (not including the references) +/- 10%. The paper will be marked on issues of readability as well as content. All items referenced should be in a standard reference format. (If you are not already familiar with correct referencing techniques then the suggesting is to start with IEEE referencing: https://ieeeauthorcenter.ieee.org/wpcontent/uploads/IEEE-Reference-Guide.pdf ). Whilst it will be expected that some of your references may refer to websites that you have drawn on, you should also be drawing on literature published in the referred journals accessible through the university library site. A list of references only including URLs for websites can expect to be marked down for not having gone to the sources of relevant research. The report should have brief executive overview at the beginning, but this should be around 150 words. Introduction around 700 words, Body of report around 2000 words, Summary around 250 words. References and table of contents do NOT count towards the word total. [Show More]

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