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NUR2868 Role and Scope Exam 3. Rasmussen College:. The most frequently tested Questions and Answers. 100%.

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Role and Scope Exam 3 1.) A school nurse conducting a screening for pediculosis capitis identifies several children who need treatment. What advice do you give the parents? 2.) One of the tenet... s of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was to focus interdisciplinary care on producing better client outcomes….What term is used to describe the effort to make maintenance of healthy environments the responsibility of healthcare professionals? 3.) Nurses often need to plan and coordinate collaborative interdisciplinary care for the patient. What do they need to keep in mind while doing so? 4.) The new nurse-manager recently implemented a training program for staff members who show signs of leadership. There will be no monetary reward, so the staff are not eager to apply for the program. The manager tells the staff that if someone does not apply, one will be forced to do so or risk extra shift time. What type of management is the nurse manager employing? 5.) A client with a stroke is having a hard time feeding themselves – who do you request a referral to? 6.) Which of the following actions violates a patient’s legal right to privacy and confidentiality? 7.) A nurse states to a client, “Things will look better tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.” This is an example of which communication technique? 8.) Nurse is taking care of patient who has COPD. Which task do you use the occupational therapist for? 9.) A charge nurse gently corrects a new nurse’s technique during a sterile procedure. The new nurse gets angry and defensive, saying she should never have come to work on that unit. What factor of communication is the new nurse experiencing? 10.) Professional nurses are constantly required to communicate patient information to other members of the nursing team. The SBAR is a system developed to help nurses and other medical professionals to communicate. What does SBAR stand for? 11.) **A nurse is caring for a client who has MRSA in an abdominal wound. The nurse enters the room to check the patient’s pulse. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? 12.) A nurse is preparing to perform an abdominal assessment on a client. Identify the sequence the nurse would follow. 13.) A nurse is interested in learning more about advocating for safe staffing ratios. The hospital educator asks the nurse to name the key elements to be considered when staffing a hospital unit. Which response by the nurse needs correction? 14.) The chief nursing officer (CNO) recognizes that if a nurse is not paid a salary that would meet the needs for food, transportation, and housing, those needs will become the nurse’s primary concern rather than delivering high-quality client care. What theory of motivation is the CNO describing? 15.) An unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) is assigned to help the Antepartum nurse on a busy shift. One of the clients on the unit is in the process of completing a 24-hour urine collection. What can the nurse assign to the UAP to do for this client? 16.) A clinical nurse-educator has taught the nursing staff the basics of Nursing Informatics. Which statement made by the staff indicates the need for further education? 17.) A new nurse manager is assembling a team to work on a project. Which of the following are traits of an effective team? SATA 18.) Which of the following is part of the Joint Commission (JC) goal to improve patient safety by reducing medical errors? 19.) Charge nurse has access to facility’s electronic health records. It is appropriate for the charge to share her personal password with whom? 20.) A nurse manager wants to reduce the number of medication errors that occur on her unit. Which steps does she take? 21.) A nurse is having personal problems at home and takes one alprazolam tablet from a client’s medication bin. After seeing how it worked, the nurse continued to divert medications from clients. The nurse-manager fires the nurse for the theft of the drugs but does not report it to the State Board of Nursing. What might be the consequences of this action? 22.) A new nurse manager is assembling a team to work on a project. Which of the following are traits of an effective team? SATA 23.) A nurse and a physician are having a polite but animated disagreement about what plan of care should be suggested to the client. The family also gets into the conversation, giving their opinions. Which type of conflict is this situation? 24.) The nurse is studying for a management certification exam about team leading. Which principle does the nurse need to understand as the definition for the recognition of the importance of all human beings? 25.) A nurse-manager in a long-term care facility has noticed that one of the experienced licensed practical nurses (LPN) has recently been having problems with tardiness. The LPN often looks messy and spends long periods off the floor. Recently, the clients have been complaining of pain even after medication pass has been completed. What is the nurse-manager’s best option? 26.) A charge nurse overhears a novice nurse say she doesn’t like teamwork and asks her why. Which statement about effective teams made by the novice nurse requires correction? 27.) A nurse on a med-surg unit is delegating tasks to a CNA – which task shouldn’t she delegate to the CNA? 28.) The LPN has been assigned four patients and asks the charge nurse which one she should assess first. Which patient should be assessed first? I believe it was a patient with a low potassium level. Could be wrong though. 29.) The client has used the call-light several times in the past hour. The nurse enters the client’s room. What action by the nurse could the patient interpret as negative? SATA 30.) A nurse finds himself working in an ineffective team. Which factor may be to blame for the problem? 31.) A new nurse is having a disagreement with an older, more experienced nurse. The new nurse crosses her arms over her chest and looks away. What behavior is the new nurse exhibiting? 32.) The nurse (RN) and the respiratory therapist (RT) are arguing about the timing of a nebulizer treatment. The nurse argues that because the client is the nurse’s responsibility, nursing will be making all the decisions about timing. What important piece of interdisciplinary care did the nurse forget? 33.) Identify the purpose of an electronic healthcare record (HER). SATA **Maybe reimbursement?** I selected all three and got it wrong. 34.) A new nurse is having a disagreement with an older, more experienced nurse. The older nurse says, “You’re just like all the other young people…you think you know more than you do.” What behavior is the older nurse exhibiting? 35.) Nurse joins a Health Care Cooperative group that practices at a global level. What type of collaboration? 36.) Dispute arises between an RN and LPN and the tension begins to effect all of the staff on the unit. This situation might have been prevented by… 37.) Which element increases the likelihood of incivility? 38.) A nurse has just assumed the position of nurse-manager. During orientation, the nurse is questioned about the roles of effective unit management. Which statement by the new nurse-manager requires correction? 39.) Health care brings people of different ages, gender, ethnic groups, educational levels, and professions together for the purpose of caring for the patient. Sometimes conflicts arise. Which of the following is a task-related conflict? 40.) A nurse is teaching a class about safe medication administration. What resources does the nurse use to plan the lesson on safe med admin? 41.) A charge nurse is scolding an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) member for failing to complete a task. She calls the UAP lazy in front of other nurses and aides. What type of communication style is the charge nurse using? 42.) A nurse-manager has made a decision to transfer to case-management. In training, the nurse-manager is asked to list the duties of the case-manager. Which statement by the nurse-manager requires correction? 43.) The nurse has assessed a new admission to the unit. She heard scattered rhonchi on the right side of the patient’s chest and calls the physician to request a chest x-ray. Which part of the SBAR is she using? 44.) Nurse asks AP to take a specimen to the lab, but the AP refuses. What does the nurse do? 45.) The nurse is teaching a newly diagnosed client about celiac disease and diet. The client has a master’s degree in astronomy. What does the nurse recognize as a key factor in the client’s motivation? 46.) A nurse is caring for a patient with a suspected diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. Which of the following actions is the nurse’s priority? 47.) A charge nurse is learning about communicating with the staff nurses. Sometimes the nurses do not seem to understand what the assignments are. What are the known barriers to communication? SATA (I got this one wrong, I selected all of them but the last two. I should have done all of them except organizational and clear thinking.) 48.) A nurse calls the health care provider with an update on a client whose blood pressure has gone from 130/80 to 116/56 in one hour. The client’s pulse is 56. The nurse says “I am not sure what is happening but the client seems to be deteriorating.” What part 49.) A nurse is caring for a client for a client that reports crepitus and pain on their TMJ. What referral does the nurse make for this patient? 50.) Which of the following are parts of the five rights of delegation? [Show More]

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