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BST 322 Week 3 Assignment

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9. Write a paragraph summarizing the results of the analysis in Exercise 8. What can you conclude about smoking and depression (“Feeling Down”) in this sample? The Chi-square value of 6.31 is sta... tistically significant because it is greater than its critical value of 5.99. In addition, the p-value is less than 0.05, therefore we can reject the null hypothesis that smokers/non-smokers are independent of the depression frequency. It appears that smoking affects depression frequency. 10. Below are three (a-c) sets of cells of 2 X 2 contingency tables including the expected frequencies (Totals not included). Identify which statistical procedure would be appropriate for each, using the most conservative approach. a.Chi-square test expected count is more than 10 b. Yate’s Continuity expected count is less than 10 c. Fisher’s Exact expected count is less than 5 [Show More]

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