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EMT Midterm Exam Study Guide 2022

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1. Which of the following groups is credited with developing the earliest documented emergency medical service? Select one: A. The Spanish B. The Egyptians C. The French D. The Mayans 2. The ear... liest documented emergency medical service was in 1790 when the French began transporting wounded soldiers from the scenes of battle to waiting physicians. Who creates EMS in the USA and is associated w/ American Red Cross? Clara Barton Which of the following is the most common gateway for hospital services for patients who need emergency medical assistance? Select one: A. Emergency department. B. Emergency medical dispatch center C. Surgical services department D. Emergency medical services system The emergency department serves as the gateway for the rest of the services offered by a hospital. 3. Which of the following refers to a program or process for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of an EMS system? Select one: A. Quality improvement B. Process Improvement Plan (PIP) C. System effectiveness management D. Total quality systemQuality improvement (QI) consists of continuous self-review with the purpose of identifying aspects of the EMS system that require improvement, with subsequent action plans to make necessary changes. [Show More]

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