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NSG 516Tina Jones Respiratory | Completed |Shadow Health 4.Digital Clinical Experience Score 100%>Objective Data Collection 21 out of 21> Objective Data Collection 6 out of 6>Education and Empathy 3 out of 4

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Tina describes the symptoms that have been bothering her. What brings you in? Question 01:35 PM EST I came in because I've been having breathing problems, and my inhaler just isn't working the way... it normally does. I am sorry to hear your breathing has been bothering you. Lets see what can be done to improve the shortness of breath. Empathize 01:36 PM EST I appreciate you telling me that. When did you start having breathing problems? Question 01:36 PM EST My breathing's been acting up off and on for the past two days. How often do you have breathing problems? Question 01:36 PM EST Maybe as much as every four hours? It's a lot. I agree, every four hours is a lot! Empathize 01:37 PM EST Thanks. How long does the shortness of breath last? Question 01:37 PM EST My breathing's been acting up off and on for the past two days.How severe is your shortness of breath? (Clarified to: Is your shortness of breath constant?) Question 01:37 PM EST Not constant, but it's been happening a lot the past couple days. Way more than usual. (Clarified to: if my shortness of breath is constant) How severe is your breathing problem? Question 01:38 PM EST My asthma used to be really scary. I haven't had a full attack in years, and if you had asked me before this I would have said my asthma wasn't that bad anymore, but the last couple days I've had a lot of trouble breathing. Can you describe your shortness of breath? Question 01:38 PM EST I'm not sure what you want to know. . . basically just my chest feels tight and it's harder to take in air. Yes! Thats exactly what I was wondering. Thank you for explaining that to me Empathize 01:38 PM EST Thanks for saying that. Do you have a cough? Question 01:39 PM EST I've been coughing a lot, yeah. It sounds like you are having very bothersome symptoms! Empathize 01:39 PM EST Thanks for understanding. Does anything make your breathing worse? Question 01:41 PM EST Um. . . I guess I've been pretty much just sitting as still as possible because my breathing's been getting bad when I move around too much. And it also feels like when I lie down to go to bed it gets worse. It must be difficult to be feeling this way Empathize 01:42 PM EST I appreciate you saying that. Have you been wheezing? [Show More]

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