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Shadow Health Comp Assessment. Latest 2022. Graded A+

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Shadow Health Comp Assessment. Latest 2022. Graded A+ Identifying Data & Reliability - Ans--Ms. Jones -28-year-old -African American -single -religious preference -Education -Occupation: Smith... , Stevens, Stewart, Silver & Company -Occupational history -woman -presents for a pre- employment physical. -She is the primary source of the history. -offers information freely and without contradiction. -Mrs. Jones Reliable historian General Survey - Ans-Alert/oriented -seated upright -well-nourished -well-developed -dressed appropriately -good hygiene. Reason for Visit - Ans-SEE HPI history of present illness - Ans-HPI: "pre-employment physical" prior to initiating employment." Patient Description of current overrall health: "feels healthy, is taking better care of herself than in the past"Medications - Ans-+ Fluticasone propionate 110 mcg 2 puffs BID, Metformin, 850 mg PO BID, Drospirenone, ethinyl estradiol PO QD, Albuterol 90 mcg/spray MDI 1-3 puffs Q4H prn, Acetaminophen 500-1000 mg PO prn (headaches), Ibuprofen 600 mg PO TID prn (menstrual cramps) -using topical antifungals, anti-itch creams, steroid topical ointments, eye/ear/sublingual drops, Benadryl, herbs gingko/garlic/primrose. Allergies - Ans-+Penicillin (Rash), dust/cats (runny nose, itchy swollen eyes) -Peanut, fish, gluten, lactose, onion, sulfa medication, opiate medications, latex allergies. Health Maintenance - Ans-+ Pap smear (4 months ago), eye exam (three months ago), dental exam (five months ago), PPD (negative, about 2 years ago), wears seatbelt, uses sunscreen. -Acupuncture, chiropractic care, changes in behavior/personality/mood, memory problems, difficulty learning. Medical History - Ans-+ Asthma (diagnosed 24 years old), hypertension (resolved with diet/exercise), PCOS (Diagnosed 4 months ago), received childhood vaccinations, meningococcal vaccine (in college), hospitalized in high school for asthma exacerbations (resolved with use of inhaler without complication), tetanus booster (within last year), -Childhood chickenpox/rubella/polio, serious injuries MVA/broken bones/spinal cord injury, using a walker/cane/hearing aids, appendectomy, tonsillectomy, wisdom teeth removal, transfusion of blood/platelets/red blood cells, current flu vaccine. Family History - Ans-• Father: deceased in car accident one year ago at age 58, hypertension, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes• Brother (Michael, 25): overweight • Sister (Britney, 14): asthma• Maternal grandmother: died at age 73 of a stroke, history of hypertension, high cholesterol• Maternal grandfather: died at age 78 of a stroke, history of hypertension, high cholesterol• Paternal grandmother: still living, age 82, hypertension• Paternal grandfather: died at age 65 of colon cancer, history of type 2 diabetes• Paternal uncle: alcoholism•Negative for mental illness, other cancers, sudden death, kidney disease, sickle cell anemia, thyroid problems [Show More]

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