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NUR2459 / NUR 2459: Exam 2 Review Updated Mental and Behavioral Health Nursing - Rasmussen

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NUR 2459 Mental and Behavioral Health Nursing Exam 2 Review NUR 2459 Mental and Behavioral Health Nursing Mental Health 2459 Exam 2 Review Depression - Mood Disorder: Depression - causes,... physical changes, assessment – all areas, interventions, tx, plan, food choices, nursing diagnoses, therapeutic communication. MDD (Major depressive disorder) – FLAT affect, anergia, anhedonia, Hopeless Meds – SSRIs, TCAs, MAOIs - TCA’s – action, SE, contraindications, patient and family education, Sérotonine Syndrome, Suicide Risk increases in the first few weeks. Anxiety – S/S, Assessment, Tx, interventions, planning, different levels Benzodiazepines Vs Buspirone-action, SE, pt. education Obsessive-compulsive disorder - Signs, symptoms, treatment Stress – causes, treatment, interventions / Respiratory Distress = ASSESSMENT PTSD – assessment, plan, interventions, outcomes & tx Defense Mechanisms Healthy, intermediate & immature Phobias – treatment, interventions Bipolar - assessment, goals, plan, interventions, treatments. Mania – stages - assessment, tx, interventions, therapeutic communication. Treated with MOOD STABILIZERS + Lithium & Seizure Meds. [Show More]

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