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Practice questions for nursing 150 Test Bank Rated (For A+ Score and Grade)

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Which nurse most likely kept records on sanitation techniques and the effects on health? a. Florence Nightingale b. Mary Nutting c. Clara Barton d. Lillian Wald 2. The nurse prescribes strategies... and alternatives to attain expected outcome. Which standard of nursing practice is the nurse following? a. Assessment b. Diagnosis c. Planning d. Implementation 3. An experienced medical­surgical nurse chooses to work in obstetrics. Which level of proficiency is the nurse upon initial transition to the obstetrical floor? a. Novice b. Proficient c. Competent d. Advanced beginner 4. A nurse assesses a patient’s fluid status and decides that the patient needs to drink more fluids. The nurse then encourages the patient to drink more fluids. Which concept is the nurse demonstrating? a. Licensure b. Autonomy c. Certification d. Accountability 5. A nurse prepares the budget and policies for an intensive care unit. Which role is the nurse implementing? a. Educator b. Manager c. Advocate d. Caregiver 6. The nurse has been working in the clinical setting for several years as an advanced practice nurse. However, the nurse has a strong desire to pursue research and theory development. To fulfill this desire, which program should the nurse attend? a. Doctor of Nursing Science degree (DNSc) b. Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) c. Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (DNP) d. Doctor in the Science of Nursing degree (DSN) 7. A nurse attends a workshop on current nursing issues provided by the American Nurses Association. Which type of education did the nurse receive? a. Graduate education b. Inservice education c. Continuing education d. Registered nurse education 8. A nurse identifies gaps between local and best practices. Which Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competency is the nurse demonstrating? a. Safety b. Patient-centered care c. Quality improvement d. Teamwork and collaboration 9. A nurse has compassion fatigue. What is the nurse experiencing? a. Lateral violence and intrapersonal conflict b. Burnout and secondary traumatic stress c. Short-term grief and single stressor d. Physical and mental exhaustion 10. A patient is scheduled for surgery. When getting ready to obtain the informed consent, the patient tells the nurse, “I have no idea what is going to happen. I couldn’t ask any questions.” The nurse does not allow the patient to sign the permit and notifies the health care provider of the situation. Which role is the nurse displaying? a. Manager b. Patient educator c. Patient advocate d. Clinical nurse specialist 11. The patient requires routine gynecological services after giving birth to her son, and while seeing the nurse­midwife, the patient asks for a referral to a pediatrician for the newborn. Which action should the nurse­midwife take initially? a. Provide the referral as requested. b. Offer to provide the newborn care. c. Refer the patient to the supervising provider. d. Tell the patient that is not allowed to make referrals. [Show More]

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