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TM112 - Introduction To Computing 2- TMA03 (Marked)

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TM112 - Introduction To Computing 2- TMA03 (Marked) TM112 TMA03 Question 1 File carving is the name given to the process that reassembles computer files from data fragments when the system is mis... sing its metadata. It works by going through all the computer files looking for a hexadecimal code that matches the file format it’s looking for, and then looks for the header of the hexadecimal key which matches the file. The two occasions this wouldn’t work is one if you were using an SSD it uses something called TRIM which rewrites data that is no longer needed into ones and zeros to make the drive run more efficiently so it wouldn’t with an SSD because there would be no files to recover. Another occasion is if the file is fragmented this would make it nearly impossible as it would have to go through so many files before it finds the hexadecimal coding and most the times it wouldn’t be able to. 150 words Question 3 i) For secured payments systems the more appropriate role would be encryption this is so the data from the payments would be converted from plaintext into Ciphertext and this would safeguard the money during any transaction. ii) For protecting conversations made over mobile phone and online telecommunications the appropriate role would be encryption it would take the chat from the application used and encrypt the data send it to the required application at the other end and cipher the encryption allowing the application to read the contents. iii) For checking data corruption when a file is sent over a network hashing would be the more appropriate role, what it would do is check the hashes are correct [Show More]

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