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NR 222 Health & Wellness Exam 3 Review Questions and Answers.-2021

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NR 222 Health & Wellness Exam 3 Review Questions and AnswersAN INFANT IS LYING IN A CRIB WATCHING AND LISTENING TO A COLORFUL MOBILE. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF HAVING A MOBILE? A. Provides stimulatio... n necessary for continued growth and development for the infant. B. Provides too much stimulation for the infant, making it difficult for the infant to focus. C. Serves as inadequate stimulation for the infant because it is an inanimate object. D. Serves as a distractor for the infant, making it easier to fall asleep.A DELIVERY ROOM NURSE SENSES DISAPPOINTMENT WHEN A MOTHER IS TOLD SHE JUST DELIVERED A BABY GIRL. WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING WOULD BE THE MOST THERAPEUTIC RESPONSE BY THE NURSE? A. “Yes, you just delivered a healthy, beautiful baby girl.” B. “This is your first baby. You can always try again for a boy.” C. “Don’t worry, many parents often feel the same way you do.” D. “You are tired. I think you should get some rest.”DURING A HOME VISIT, THE NURSE FINDS A 9-MONTH-OLD IN A PLAYPEN WITH A COUPLE OF TOYS. WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS WOULD BE MOST APPROPRIATE FOR THE NURSE TO PROVIDE TO THE PARENT TO ENCOURAGE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILD? A. Encourage the addition of a few more toys to the playpen. B. Suggest keeping the infant in the playpen as much as possible to promote safe play. C. Encourage providing the infant with supervised time outside of the playpen. D. Suggest removing all toys from the playpen.A NEW FATHER IS INSTALLING A CAR SEAT FOR AN INFANT. WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THE FATHER BY THE NURSE? A. The infant should be in a rear-facing car seat in the front seat. B. The infant should be in a rear-facing car seat in the back seat. C. The infant should be in a front-facing car seat in the front seat. D. The infant should be in a front-facing car seat in the back seat.A 5-MONTH-OLD INFANT HAS BEEN BROUGHT INTO THE OFFICE BY HIS SPANISH-SPEAKING MOTHER FOR SYMPTOMS OF AN UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTION. WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING SHOULD BE THE INITIAL ACTION TAKEN BY THE NURSE? A. Ask the mother if she would like an interpreter. B. Ask the mother what home remedies have been used. C. Ask the mother how long the child has had these symptoms. D. Ask the mother about any allergies the child may have [Show More]

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