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NSG 6435 Peds Final Review Exam Question and Answers Revision Guide 2020/2021 - South University

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What medical term is used to identify inflammation disorder of the skin that is often considered synonymous with dermatitis and characterized by pruritus’ with lesion that have indistinct border: ... • Eczema. • Pityriasis versicolor • Pityriasis rosea • psoriasis 2. DERMATOPHYTE skin infection can be diagnosed from skin scraping and prepared with which solution for microscopic exam: • 10% or 20% potassium hydroxide KOH solution. • Hydrochloric acid • Distilled water • Gram stain 3. ACIRCUMSCRIBED elevated lesion more than 1 cm in diameter in containing clear serous fluid is best described as: • Bullae • Pustule • Vesicle • papule.............................continued [Show More]

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