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NR-566 Week 8 Final Pointers-Guide | Download To Score An A

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NR 566 Week 8 Final Pointers Peds doses of motrin and tylenol. Rabies tx, immunizations. STDs- which med is appropriate for which infection. One question on lesbian health and one on homosexual males... . Contraception and hormone replacement. Blood thinners. Few questions on pregnant patients- folic acid, blood thinners. Osteoporosis. Several peds/adolescent med questions. NR 566 Week 8 Final Review Know INR target for stroke/afib Who can get hep B vaccine Who can get tuberculin screening Ultimate goal of therapy for HIV t score and what to do Metronidazole education Treatment for primary dysmenorrhea All the drugs approved for pmdd True contraindication for dtap Who can get ppd Know pediatric Motrin Tylenol dosages ED meds specifically spirolactone Which med to give for a t score of -2.8 Difference between estrogen and non estrogen meds Proper way to medicate infant Which med preferred in children for Otitis media What not to give concurrently with warfarin Who should get Warfarin and when to start Pregnant women and Enoxaparin Dabigatran Teriparatide moa Pharmacodynamics of pde5 Depo blackbox warning Gonorrhea treatment Syphillis treatment Which treatment goes with which WHI guidelines for ethinyl estradiol/ contraindications and dosages Who cant get Testosterone replacement therapy Available forms of testosterone B12 Dosage Erythrocytosis Lots of osteoporosis med stuff [Show More]

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