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RNSG1215 | RNSG 1215 HA Exam 1 Spring 2022 Study Guide.

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RNSG 1215 HA Exam 1 Spring 2022 Study Guide  Recognize and understand the signs and symptoms associated with withdrawal from alcohol &/or tobacco - (a) change in the appetite (b) muscles pain... . (c) nausea. (d) shakiness.  Understand the concept of tolerance - concept of tolerance- voluntarily having an acceptance, objection and the rejection components. The capacity of body to endure or become less responsive to a substance like a drug.  Why is alcohol bioavailability increased in the body of older adults? - because it decreases liver and kidney functioning and increased the availability of alcohol for a longer time in adults. aging people experience may also decrease the muscles which also increase the alcohol concentration because of the distribution to less tissue over time.  What substance of abuse is most commonly used in persons aged 12 years and older - marijuana- in person age 12 years and older (hashish) was commonly used illicit drugs reported.  Understand the nursing process & the steps involved. - Nursing process is a modified scientific method to treat the disease and the patient effectively the steps are, assessment diagnosis planning implementation and evaluation  How would you define a proficient nurse? - A proficient nurse is defined as she should care for the patient effectively and have the communication skills empathy attention to detail problem-solving skills and sense of humor commitment to patient advocacy and stamina  What is the health promotion model? What is the focus? - health promotion model is multidimensional nature of person as the indirect within their society. This focuses people achieve higher level of well being.  What are second level priority problems? - Second level priority problems are those are next in urgency.  When considering culture in the Asian population, what theory is prevalent? What is the meaning of the theory? - When considering culture in the Asian population, the theory that is prevalent in Asian Paradigm Theorywhich states about the differences in Western and Asian concept of justice which is a result of differences in social organization and cultural traditions.  What is meant by subculture? - defined as a group of people inside a particular culture who are different from their parent culture to which it belongs. They develop their own values and principle.  How is one's culture developed? - Culture is defined as a cultivation of knowledge and characteristics, exhibition of beliefs, rituals, customs, social behaviours and so on by the group of people in the society. Persons culture develops based on the changing of generations and time. Man is a social animal and evolution is a basic approach by humans. Culture of one person or a group defines the acceptance and the place in the society which has to be practices and accepted in the forms of our behavior, attitudes, rituals, familiy customs, beliefs, which defines ones cultural place in the society.  What are differing aspects of interviewing the elderly versus interviewing a younger adult? - While interviewing the elderly and the younger adults there are ways and methods to communicate with them. Both elderly and the younger adults are the different age groups that have to handled carefully. Firstly, while interviewing the elderly the different aspects used are: Interviewing about the family members, the experience of getting older, giving of time to answer, asking about family history, using family photos while interviewing, listening with patience while they are answering, using of open-ended questions, asking about their childhood memories and moments, what is the best phase of their life and more.  On the other hand, while interviewing the young adults, face to face interview is an effective method for the younger adults. Interview aspect to be based on their life ambitions, goals, and motives, their level of perception towards life, friends circle, relation with the family, career, motivation and satisfaction levels towards work, etc.  Considering growth and development, what is the best approach when communicating with adolescents? - GROWTH: Growth is defined as a process of growing in size or physical development of the body size or organs.  DEVELOPMENT: Development is defined as the process of maturation of individual. The best approach while communicating with adolescents are: Make them comfortable and develop a trust factor during communication, listening to them is very important without interrupting them, understand and evaluate the emotional status of their feelings, don't be a judge towards them as that will spoil the total conversation, don't dictate, be patient and a good listener throughout the communication, and giving encouragement by appraising them is a best method to gain trust through out the communication process.  Be able to state techniques used to best communicate with toddlers - a - Through expression. b - through sounds. c - Through gestures  Understand the importance of non-verbal behaviors while communicating with patients. - a - It helps to make a good relationship with the patient. [Show More]

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