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Student Attitudes Toward Writing 1. Reading the reasons for not liking writing, briefly explain which ones negatively affected your beliefs about being a writer in elementary through high school? Wh... at is your attitude about writing now? If none of the reasons negatively affected you, what were your beliefs about being a writer and how did the teaching of writing help you to feel confident? 2. Compose two poems using any of the live links; copy or hand write the poems into the assignment. 3. Looking through elementary students' eyes, how might the resources you used influence a growth mindset for students who say they do not like to write poetry or that they are not writers? 4. Thinking back, might you have enjoyed using online interactive poetry writing resources in elementary & middle school? Would you have laughed and welcomed writing poetry with friends? 5. Do you enjoy writing college assignments? Do you write anything for your own pleasure? 6. Analyzing your writing, how did you learn to improve your skills through high school and college? Writing Process Fit for Young Writers 7. Bullet list parts of the writing process that we describe on the wiki page which you pay most attention to as you write. 8. In, Writing Poetry, 2nd graders compose starting their process with pre-writing/brainstorming in a group with the teacher and ending in publishing by reading aloud to everyone. Viewing the other parts of the writing process they use as they compose, which parts did you find most surprising or interesting? Explain why. 9. In, A Room of Writers, the 3rd grade teacher utilizes MULTIPLE techniques to help youngsters feel CONFIDENT as writers and show each other that they are writers. One method is that she herself writes and asks students their ideas for revising her writing. Did you experience this method in any of your writing classes? Bullet list 6 of other techniques the teacher uses to instruct and inspire writers that would have helped you as a young writer. 10. I learned from Bob Maloy to always bring some piece of my own writing, a poem or a comic or a story, to share with students and to ask what they might add or change in my poem, comic or story. What do you think are the benefits to students’ mindsets and beliefs about themselves as writers from hearing a read aloud of a piece of your creative writing and being asked for THEIR suggestion to help you? Perspectives on Teaching Writing 11. If you were to earn a living as a writer, what kind of writing would you choose to learn how to do? What jobs would you want to do as a writer? [Show More]

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