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Enhancement of job satisfaction in Mitsubishi Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd

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Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation (MLC) founded in 1887, has its headquarters located in Tokyo and has a total 4,441 employees in its branches across the world. In 4th June 1985, Mitsubishi Logistics C... orporation established Mitsubishi Logistics Ltd (MLH) in Hong Kong. At the time, the company had a total of twenty employees to serve their customers in Hong Kong and China. Gradually, it added port and harbor operations, seamlessly combining land, sea and air transportation. Mitsubishi Logistics have developed vigorous warehousing business over time. They provide a comprehensive and global logistics service and responding to corporate customers' logistics outsourcing demands. Mitsubishi Logistics also provide inland or worldwide transportation, customs clearance, cargo handling equipment and operational management. [Show More]

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