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Concepts of China and Chinese Development

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China has in the recent past grown at such a fast rate that it has surprised many especially those in the west. Until the 1970s, according to Lin, china’s economy was one-20th that of the United Sta... tes, today the economy is half the size that of America and continues to close in rapidly (5). Understanding China and its people seems logical because of the centre stage it is likely to take in world politics and policies in coming years. China’s economic rise and might has left many Western nations without a clue of how to treat a country that has emerged quickly and almost unexpectedly. That is why they have taken notice and started preparing for a new power in light of the eventual and inevitable decline of the West and their influence in the world. The Chinese do not hold Western values and especially democracy dear. They embrace their culture and history dearly, for them that does not involve democracy but a sense of nationhood. China is a civilisation state (Lin 15) [Show More]

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