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Part A comprises the following three tasks: 1. Read the first 12 pages of Chapter 3, “Event impacts and legacies”, from Allen et al.’s 2011 (Allen, J., O’Toole, W., Harris, R., & McDonnell, ... I. (2011). Festival & Special Event Management (5th ed.). Milton, Australia: John Wiley & Sons). Stop reading at ‘Economic impacts and the role of government’. Write a critical summary discussing the four key impact categories. Go online or visit AUT library to find and read cases from two newspaper articles about any Sports Events, Music and Arts Festivals (hosted in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin or in your home city) and identify which impacts & impact categories are present. Discuss the articles with reference to Allen et al. (2011) and explain how/why these impact categories are visible. (should be no longer than 800 words including references) 2. Read chapter 1 ‘Why Cities Need to be Eventful’ from the book Eventful cities: Cultural management and urban revitalization (Richards, G. & Palmer, R. (2010). Eventful cities: Cultural management and urban revitalization. Amsterdam; Boston: ButterworthHeinemann). This book is available online through the AUT library. Visit ATEED’s official website, find and read Auckland’s Major Event Strategy 2018-2025. Write critical summaries of Chapter 1 from Richards and Palmer (2010) and ATEED’s Major Event strategy 2018-2025, and show how key themes and ideas relate (or not) to each other. (should be no longer than 800 words including references) 3. Choose one book that interests you from the Routledge series of books, Advances in Events Research Series (Blackboard/Course Resources -> Recommended textbooks, journals and websites ->Routledge Advances in Event Research Series; also, available at AUT Library). Critically compare and contrast any TWO chapters from the book (except the Introduction/Chapter 1 and conclusion/Chapter 2 of the book), and discuss how they relate to the event impacts framework above. (should be no longer than 800 words including references) [Show More]

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