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1.0 Portfolio of Work Description (2,500 Words in Total) Below are 5 questions for your portfolio. Students are expected to answer all 5 with a total word count of 2,500 words (approximately 500 wo... rds per question). It is recommended that students complete each question in the week of the lecture and seminar topic. However, the portfolio will not be marked until after week 9. 2.0 Questions Q1. Examine and describe the role of accounting databases in accounting systems. Q2. How might an Integrated Enterprise System and Business Intelligence create more value for an enterprise? Q3. Explain and describe the following terms: Entity-level controls; Application controls; IT general controls. Q4. What is Enterprise Risk Management? As a result of a risk assessment exercise spreadsheets have been identified as a major weakness for internal control. Describe the key features of a spreadsheet risk management programme that could reduce this risk. Q5. Discuss the potential and possible pitfalls of analysing accounting data using programming languages such as Python. [Show More]

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