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Character Analysis of a Nurse

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A nurse is an important member of the community because of the essential services they provide to the sick. There are usually two categories of nurses. The first is the holder of Bachelors of Science ... in Nursing (BSN) and the second is the Associate Degree Nurses (ADN). Each group of nurses perform different roles in the health care system. The different levels of education mean each group can only perform a given set of functions and scope of practise. Both ADS and BSN nurses have the ability to perform complex nursing procedures in critical care. Their function in the provision of health care to the community cannot get understated. Without adequate community health care providers, many patients would be left un-attended. That would create a crisis in the society. The role nurses play in the management is important in health care provision. ADS nurses have a broad level of knowledge and, therefore, assume knowledge at the leadership level. That is unlike the BSN, who start at a slightly lower level. The paper will look at the three characters from the book “even me” and the challenges they faced. It will also look at some community health resources and how they can help the characters from the book. [Show More]

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