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NUR 1022C Assessment & Reasoning Respiratory System; John Franklin, 35 years Old-complete case study

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John Franklin is a 35-year-old African American male who has a history of hypertension and asthma who smokes ½ ppd since the age of eighteen. He began to feel more short of breath after supper today ... and began to have a persistent non- productive cough. He ran out of his albuterol inhaler two months ago and has audible expiratory wheezing when he comes to the triage window of the emergency department (ED). John is promptly brought to a room in the ED and you are the nurse responsible for his care. What data from the present problem are RELEVANT and must be interpreted as clinically significant by the nurse? (Reduction of Risk Potential) RELEVANT Data from Present Problem: Clinical Significance: History of Hypertension and asthma Smokes ½ ppd since 18 Shortness of breath, persistent nonproductive cough Ran out of albuterol inhaler two months ago Audible expiratory wheezing Having the history of asthma and because he smokes, this confirm that he is having an asthma attack that could have flared up. Having the nonproductive cough is consistent with asthma attacks, if it were productive, it would be linked to pneumonia. Client had no way to treat his asthma because he ran out of his medicine. His wheezing was so loud no stethoscope needed to be used. Means his condition was bad. CONTINUED...................................... [Show More]

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