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PSY MISC i-human_6_-_Billy_Johnson- a complete case study -2022

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PSY MISC i-human_6_-_Billy_Johnson- a complete case study -2022 Billy Johnson 13 yo “I hate school” With his mother Observations ● Fidgeting ● Warm, dry skin Last Visit One ye... ar ago, billy was seen for his well check. He was noted to be a little hyperactive at times; his parents had recently divorced and he was a little irritable and frustrated with having to go between his mother’s and father’s house. Had difficulty following his coach’s directions. Father has a history of cocaine abuse. History 1. How can I help you today? a. My mom made me come here. I don't have any problems -- I'm fine, i'm normal, I just don't want to go to school, okay?? 2. What has been happening since your last visit? a. This is my first visit??? HOW I HAVE RECORDS FROM ONE YEAR AGO 3. Mother: How can I help him today? a. His grades are dropping and he is refusing to go to school. He’s always had difficulties at school but things have been getting worse over the past year. And theres so much more going on 4. Mother: Any other symptoms or concerns we should discuss? a. Yes - both as school and home. His teachers all say he is very CONTINUED......... [Show More]

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