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This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes: 1. Critically evaluate the key issues involved in managing and developing people across cultural boundaries in the context of globalization,... international mergers and alliances and the general internationalisation of business. 2. Critically analyse the main theoretical contributions towards understanding different culture and national policies and their implications for International Human Resource Management (IHRM) practices. 3. Diagnose complex management and organisational problems relating to the management and development of people across different cultures. 4. Develop and apply courses of action as a means of competitive advantage by diagnosing complex organisational problems relating to the managing of people across different culture. This assignment is an individual assignment. This assignment requires you to answer the following questions: Collectro, a large producer of home appliances headquartered in France, seeks to outsource some of its production to developing country of your choice (NB For this assignment, ‘developing’ are any countries other than the EEA, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore). The stakeholders of the company are strongly committed to human rights and equality. However, they are also interested in the financial aspect of outsourcing. The company is facing a dilemma – whether to transfer senior managers from France or to recruit them locally. You are hired as a HR consultant to advice on this issue. In particular, using relevant academic literature, you are required to: 1. Compare and contrast the institutional and cultural contexts in France and the developing country of your choice, with a specific focus on issues of human rights and equality, as well as financial interests. (30%/4.5 credits) Criteria for Assessment: Evidence of extensive reading and understanding of relevant concepts and theories. Use of a good range of reputable sources. Ability to apply theoretical knowledge to generate logical, clear and focused analysis of the contexts within the scenario of interest. 2. Critically discuss advantages and disadvantages of both approaches to staffing, including potential outcomes for the company. (25%/3.75 credits) Criteria for Assessment: Evidence of extensive reading and understanding of relevant concepts and theories. Use of a good range of reputable sources. Ability to apply theoretical knowledge to explore challenges posed by the given contextual circumstances. Clear and critical analysis with substantiated argumentation. 3. Provide recommendations for the HR department in light of the above discussion, considering recruitment, selection and training issues. (25%/3.75 credits) Criteria for Assessment: Demonstrable ability to generate thought-through, critical and logical recommendations based upon the foregoing analysis of the scenario. Recommendations are practical and feasible. References to relevant literature. 4. Critically consider limitations of your recommendations. (20%/3 credits) Criteria for Assessment: Critical review of suggested recommendations against the existing relevant scholarship. Evaluation of their drawbacks. Scrutiny of circumstances under which the proposed recommendations may be inefficient or impractical and consideration of alternatives more suitable in these conditions. The assessment requires an introduction followed by four sections addressing the questions above and a conclusion. The assessment is expected to convey information clearly and accurately, with logical structure, to demonstrate correct use of reference style and to use language and style appropriate for academic writing. [Show More]

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