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NR602 - Week 3 Case Study -PEDS SOAP NOTE-comprehensive-2022

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NR602 - Week 3 Case Study -PEDS SOAP NOTE-comprehensive-2022 Patient Information: Initials: R.F. Age: 18 months Sex: Male Race: Hispanic Insurance: Unknown S Chief Complaint (CC): Fev... er and Rash HPI Riley is an 18-month infant who presents to the clinic with his mother with complaints of fever lasting more than 3 days and rash. The fever began 3 days ago and is of normal levels in the morning then gets as high as 100 to 101 degrees in the afternoons. Riley has also had clear rhinorrhea and in the last 24 hours he has developed a red, diffuse rash to the torso and abdomen that does not itch and a barking cough in the last day. Mother reports he is drinking, but not as well as usual. He did have a good wet diaper this morning and at least four diapers yesterday, but is not really eating much and is not playing. CONTINUED........ [Show More]

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