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Chamberlain College of Nursing; NURSING NR 603 Week 3 Case Discussion: Cardiovascular

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NR 603 Week 3 Case Discussion: Cardiovascular/What leads demonstrate the ST depression? Lorene demonstrates ST depression dispersed throughout the EKG. Specifically, the depression is exhibited in lea... ds I, II, V4, V5, a slight depression in aVF, and V6. There is also an ST elevation in aVR. The EKG shows signs of acute coronary syndrome (ACS). An EKG for ACS will show ST depression in six or more leads, most significant in leads V4 to V6, particularly when related with inverted T waves and ST elevation in lead aVR. These EKG changes should warrant importantnce for urgent, aggressive evaluation because of the high probability of severe angiographic coronary artery disease (Nikus et al., 2014). Is Lorene Hypertensive per ACA 2017 Guidelines? Compare the ACA guidelines to JNC 8 guidelines and discuss what treatment you recommend for her BP and why? According to the American College of Cardiology (ACC), Lorene’s blood pressure, which is 146/90, would place her in stage II hypertension (HTN). The ACC definitions of stage II is systolic greater than or equal to 140 or diastolic greater than or equal to 90. Her blood pressure numbers falls within the guidelines recommendations (Whelton, Carey, & Aronow, 2018). [Show More]

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