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NURS 6541 / NUNP 6541: Primary Care of Adolescents & Children (Pediatric) Final Exam (Fall 2020) Walden University

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NURS 6541 / NUNP 6541 Pediatric Final Exam 1. A child has not received abx for a bacterial respiratory infection, what would you treat them with? ANS: 2. A 7-month old presents with 1-day co... ugh, yellow sinus drainage and a low-grade temp, treatment options? ANS: 3. A 3 yr. old presents with wheezing for past 3 months, what tests would you order? ANS: 4. RSV symptoms in 6 wk. old infant ANS: 5. The first indication of the common cold in a baby is often: - 6. Streptococcus pneumonia in 6 wk. old infant ANS: 7. 2-year-old girl with increased work of breathing had a fever, abdominal pain, post-tussive emesis and no diarrhea. What lab test would be beneficial? ANS: 8. Foreign body aspiration symptoms ANS: - 9. Which of the following patients least warrants a sweat chloride test? ANS: 10. Lung sounds with cystic fibrosis ANS: 11. Lung sounds with asthma ANS: - 12. Lung sounds with foreign body aspiration ANS: - 13. Lung sounds with croup ANS: - 14. Radiographic signs of croup ANS: - 15. Most common congenital heart defect in children ANS: 16. Chest pain in children ANS: 17. Innocent heart murmurs ANS: - 18. Most useful test of acute rheumatic fever ANS: - 19. Testing children with hypercholesteremia ANS: - 20. Who is most diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease? ANS: 21. The essential test for managing Kawasaki Disease ANS: 22. Physical signs of fragile x syndrome in adolescents ANS: - 23. Type 1 diabetes mellitus ANS: 24. Type 2 diabetes mellitus ANS: 25. Type 1 with HgbA1c of 14.9 what does this indicate? ANS: G 26. Physical findings of a teenager that might show that she has type 2 diabetes ANS: - 27. What does shift to the left mean in a white blood cell count? ANS: - 28. What sort of labs would you draw for a patient with microcytic hypochromic anemia? ANS: 29. Regarding measles, mumps, and rubella, what type of immunity would their mother have or not? ANS: 30. 6-month-old with newly diagnosed sickle cell disease, what should you do on the visit of a well-baby visit? ANS: - 31. Examination of a 9-month-old with a palpable right supraclavicular node. What does this possibly indicate? ANS: 32. A 5-year-old with acute lymphocytic leukemia. What is he at risk for developing? ANS: 33. When should you start screening infants for anemia? ANS: 34. A male who is complaining of breast tissue enlargement, how would you treat that? ANS: - 35. If you do have a male who has gynecomastia what else should you assess him for? ANS: 36. What does a low level of TSH indicate? ANS: 37. UTI in a 2-year-old, what would your treatment be? ANS: 38. Peak incidence of osteosarcoma is what age group ANS: 39. 4-year-old being treated with chemotherapy; which immunizations should he avoid? ANS: 40. A 11-year-old who presents with weight loss, polyuria, and polydipsia. What do you need to rule out? ANS: 41. congenital adrenal hyperplasia ANS: - 42. A 14-year-old who has not started menstrual cycle ANS: - 43. What could cause primary dysmenorrhea ANS: - 44. What signs and symptoms would be found in an adolescent with untreated graves' disease? ANS: 45. What age is most common for adolescent gynecomastia? ANS: 46. Common etiology for malrotation with intermittent volvulus ANS: - 47. Common etiology for pyloric stenosis ANS: - 48. Common etiology for esophageal foreign body ANS: - 49. Common etiology for intussusception ANS: - 50. 3-week-old male infant with projective vomiting and constant feeding: what would be the most likely diagnosis? ANS: 51. Patient with positive stool culture for Salmonella ANS: - 52. Most common presentation of Hirschsprung disease ANS: 53. Treat an 8-month-old infant who has diarrhea ANS: 54. When would you suspect Crohn's disease in an adolescent? ANS: 55. A 9-year-old who has dyspepsia without occult blood what would your steps be? ANS: 56. What is part of a recent history of a child with c.diff? ANS: 57. Most accurate way to determine the degree of dehydration in a child ANS: 58. What the most likely pathogen in a 9-month-old with gastroenteritis that goes to daycare? ANS: 59. What are the following signs and symptoms would point to pyloric stenosis? ANS: - 60. What would pinworms cause a patient to suffer from? ANS: 61. Child presents with bloody diarrhea what would not be the appropriate 1st action? ANS: I 62. Cause of food poisoning with a family that eats out 4-5 times a week? ANS: 63. Which of the findings would be most consistent with ulcerative colitis? ANS: - 64. A child developed her 2nd perirectal abscess in 6 months. What should she be evaluated for? ANS: 65. What foods would be appropriate for a child with celiac disease? ANS: 66. Generalized absent seizures occur most likely in which age group? ANS: 67. Long term outcomes with children born with open spina bifida ANS: - 68. What following conditions are most responsible for developmental delays in children? - 69. Compulsive eating vs bulimia ANS: - 70. A 5-year-old with encopresis what would your next action be after diagnosis? ANS: - 71. Most common central nervous system side effect of mumps? ANS: 72. Common cause of in toeing in children - 73. Treatment for Osgood-Schlatter disease ANS: - 74. Sprain vs Strain ANS: - 75. What labs would you order for 6-year-old with hip pain? ANS: 76. A child who stopped walking at 18 months old what would you be concerned about? ANS: 77. A 2-year-old who was brought in with fever, poor feeding, getting worse since yesterday, appears ill, temp 101, tachycardic, x-ray of left hip shows widen joint space but no fractures what would you do at this point? ANS: 78. A healthy male with headaches blurred vision and personally changes what would you do? ANS: 79. A 14-month-old that has lower extremity bowing. Lab values what would be the most likely diagnosis? ANS: 80. What would your response to be a 8 month old with a spiral fracture? ANS: 81. 5-year-old has mild leg bowing, what labs would you order? ANS: V 82. The Varicella vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 83. The MMR vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 84. The Hib vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 85. The rotavirus vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 86. The DTap vaccine is used to protect against ANS: T 87. The Inactivated Polio Virus (IPV) vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 88. The pneumococcal vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 89. The Hepatitis A vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 90. The Hepatitis B vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 91. The HPV vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 92. The Meningococcal vaccine is used to protect against ANS: 93. Common trigger for acute asthma ANS: 94. Child in daycare more likely to be exposed to what infections? ANS: 95. Appropriate treatment for influenza A ANS: - 96. Common s/s of fifths disease ANS: 97. Skin symptom of Lyme disease ANS: 98. Symptoms common in absent seizures ANS: - 99. What type of scale would you used to measure childhood intelligence? ANS: 100. Common causes of UTI in children ANS: 101. Best treatment for testicular torsion ANS: - 102. Best treatment for child with phimosis ANS: - 103. Primary common cause of amenorrhea ANS: 104. What would you do if you only saw a red reflex in one eye? ANS: 105. Common treatment for dog and cat bites ANS: - 106. What would be a common diagnosis for a patient with a diffuse petechial rash? ANS: 107. Cause of seborrheic dermatitis ANS: - 108. Epiglottitis prevention ANS: 109. Steeple sign ANS: - 110. Foreign body aspiration antibiotic? ANS: - 111. Antibiotics for bronchiolitis? ANS: 112. Antibiotics for croup? ANS: [Show More]

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