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NR 545 Exam 1 Study Guide (Week 1 EENT) Compete Solution.

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NR 545 Exam 1 Study Guide The exam is 50 questions and worth 100 points. You are allowed 75 minutes to complete the exam. Be sure to start the exam early enough to allow for completion prior to Sund... ay at 11:59 pm when the exam will close and lock. You will not be allowed to continue taking the exam after Sunday@11:59 pm MT. Exam tips: -Exam questions can be drawn from readings, discussion content and also course lectures and interactive learning activities - The course is a review. It is an expectation that you fully understand the physical assessment findings (normal and abnormal) for all content. You may be tested on normal findings for each body system. Week 1 EENT: Review the complete EENT exam in your physical assessment text if you need to review this information Questions can include pathophysiology, health assessment (normal and abnormal), and pharmacologic treatment Review required readings, course lectures, case study and learning activity. EENT diagnoses- know bacterial, viral and allergic presentations for each Ear: anatomy, function of structures, hearing loss- types of loss [Show More]

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