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NCC EFM Exam 2022 Practice Questions and Answers (100% Correct)

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Oxygen is transferred from mom to fetus via the placenta through? - Passive (Simple) Diffusion Intervillous space perfusion is dependent on? - Adequate Uterine Blood Flow Maternal Fetal Exchange... is best promoted by which maternal position? - Either Rt or Lt Lateral What is transfer down the concentration gradient from higher to lower called? - Diffusion The most likely physical rationale for recurrent late decels after epidural is? - Maternal Sympathetic Blockade Which FHR pattern would be anticipated when monitoring mono-mono twins? - Variable Decels Fetus can survive in an environment w/ a PO2 equal to adult venous blood d/t? - increased O2 carrying capacity Variable decels are mediated primarily by? - baroreceptors The sympathetic branch of the ANS influences FHR to? - increase the average difference in baseline FHR b/w 30 & 40 weeks is? - 10bpm usually 5-6; 10 is closest Fetal blood is most highly oxygenated in the? - Ductus Venosous [Show More]

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