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OCR A LEVEL Sociology Paper 3 H580-03 Debates in contemporary society June 2022 QUESTION PAPER QP

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SECTION A Read the source material and answer all the questions in Section A. Source A In 1926 Nicolas Tesla was excited by the possibilities of communication technology to communicate with one an... other ‘instantly, irrespective of distance’ as though we were ‘face-to-face’, despite distances of thousands of miles. All through an instrument carried in ‘a pocket’. Today young people can carry a smart phone in their pocket which enables them to interact, create and share ideas with other young people both locally and across the world. Source B Connection with others across the world can occur so quickly, some believe we now live in a virtual unified ‘global village’; for example, through hashtags, people can discuss global issues such as climate change. However, in the global village there is less privacy as people volunteer personal information to sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Also, in the global village the differences between cultures become less obvious. 1* With reference to Source A and your wider sociological knowledge, explain how the development of social media has created opportunities that empower young people. [9] 2 With reference to Source B and your wider sociological knowledge, evaluate the view that living in a ‘global village’ is a negative development for people worldwide. [10] 3 Evaluate the sociological view that older people have benefitted from advances in digital forms of communication. [16] [Show More]

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