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Fundamentals of Nursing - Exam 1, Answered

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Fundamentals of Nursing - Exam 1, Answered-What are the most important roles of the nurse (5) - Caregiver Advocate Educator Researcher Leader What are the 5 steps in the nursing proce... ss? - (1) Assessment (2) Nursing Diagnosis (3) Planning (4) Implementation (5) Evaluation *** All of the above require critical thinking! Define Assessment - Collects comprehensive data pertinent to the patient's health and/or situation. - info medical personnel can look at - begins the moment you walk through the door Can the RN provide subjective information about patient? - NO! Only the patient can give subjective info. OBJECTIVE info is what the RN sees, hears, or smells What is the Diagnosis phase? - Analyze the assessment and make a clinical judgement related to an ACTUAL or POTENTIAL health problem. ** Nurses have to be aware of potential risks based on health problems. ** Also collaborate with other specialists to manage the problem(s) What are the three phases of a Nursing Diagnosis? - First info → Related to → as evidence by WHAT is the problem? WHY is it a problem? WHAT is the evidence of that problem? Ex: "Acute pain → related to surgical incision → as evidence by patient report (or as evidence by crying)" What are the OUTCOMES IDENTIFICATION? - This is the statement of how a patient's status will change once interventions have been successfully instituted Identify the expected outcomes when planning for the patient's individual situation. Interventions must be measurable criterion indicating that objectives have been met. Define the PLANNING stage of the nursing process - Develops a plan that prescribes strategies and alternatives to attain expected outcomes. - Prioritize strategies - Goals (statement that describes the aim if the nursing care) should be short term and long term Describe IMPLEMENTATION of the nursing process - The actions to facilitate positive patient outcomes What three skills are needed in order to implement goals? - Cognitive Personal Psychomotor [Show More]

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